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Scout's Leather Spyglass With Rosewood Box, Brass, 7"

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Have you ever been tried out Scout's Leather Spyglass With Rosewood Box, Brass, 7? If you have not ever been attempted, you should take it to your dwelling and use. It seems to become more expensive than the expectation but the correct value is more compared to you can see by your sight. You can experience the great importance of Scout's Leather Spyglass With Rosewood Box, Brass, 7 only one way by simply testing by yourself.

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The Hampton Nautical 7 Brass Spyglass is a great gift for the young nautical explorer in your life. This small brass spyglass is pocket sized, at 3.5 when collapsed and 7 when fully expanded. The handle of this spyglass is a stitched dark brown leather. This spyglass also comes with a solid brass cap to protect the lens. Simply adjust the telescope tube length to bring the image into clear focus.The 7 spyglass is shipped in a beautiful felt-lined, brass-inlaid hardwood case. The box is smooth hardwood, gloss finished, featuring brass side inlets on all sides and the Hampton Nautical solid brass anchor-with-rope logo on the top.Dimensions:7 L x 2 W x 2 H-3X Magnification-Glass optics for a clear view (not plastic lenses)-Fully functional spyglass focuses and magnifies Leather-wrapped body adds a decorative touch-Solid rosewood boxadorned with brass anchor emblem-Polished brass spyglass with leather-wrapped body

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