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Gunmetal Grey Crystal Studded Ship Ornament

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This carefully crafted figurine has a gunmetal grey color which enhances the slender design of this collectible treasure. An integral part of the piece is the stunning crystals that truly bring it to life. Sturdily designed and with a beautiful shape this is truly a one of a kind piece.Included in Box:-Gunmetal Grey Ship with Matashi Crystals-Velvet Pouch-Elegant business size gift message card for you to fill out to make your gift truly unique.-Individually serialized Matashi warranty card ensuring the authenticity of your purchase.-All in a gift ready Matashi box.-The perfect gift for any occasion: The gift ready packaging makes it easy to send your Matashi ornament as a present dowry or house warmer! Celebrate countless holidays with this gift!-Enhance any room or surface: Its delicate size and shape make it suitable for an almost endless amount of uses. Enhance your desk room or office with this beautiful piece.-Highest quality: Matashi Crystals are created using the highest quality tools and processes. The result is crystals that sparkle and shine!-Start your collection today: Browse other Matashi products and start your collection today. From wind chimes to night lights you never know what you will find once you start collecting Matashi.-100% Money-Back Guarantee and 2 Year Limited Warranty: We are 100% confident with our product and its quality. Your purchase is safe with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 2 year limited warranty on craftsmanship.-Matashi: Matashi is a custom crystal design house based in the U.S.A. Using uniquely crafted designs and 100% authentic highest standard crystals Matashi creates beautiful pieces and gifts that have been enhancing lives for many years.

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