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Gimble Compass, Brass, 9"

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The Hampton Nautical 9'' Boxed Compass is a beautiful reproduction of an antique brass British compass in a handsome brass-inlaid hardwood box. The compass is fully gimbaled with a solid brass gimbal set. The boxed compass is a beautiful addition to any nautical collection or executive's desk. The front of the felt-lined hardwood case has a brass front clasp and the box's corners are inlaid with solid brass splines. The case is made out of a high quality smooth finish hardwood. The rosewood box has one clasp and a brass filling of an anchor with rope Hampton Nautical embedded in the top of the box.-Polished brass housing for compass-Remains level with double-gimbaled design for accurate readings-Solid rosewood box lined with felt to store compass-Brass anchor emblem inset in face of rosewood box

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