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Northwest Coast Inspired Colorful Wooden Eagle Totem Pole Statue, 12"

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Taking inspiration from the Northwest Coast Indians this 12 inch tall totem features a traditional design topped with a thunderbird; a legendary creature that controls rain and lightning that would create thunder by flapping its wings. This spirit bird is considered sacred and is universally symbolic of profound power and glory transformation and an invincible spirit. This finely handcrafted totem is carved of wood by skilled artisans in Indonesia and hand-painted in a brightly collared finish with detachable wings that have a spread of 9.5 inches. Bring this symbol of creation and transformation to your home with this colorful wooden totem! It's the perfect piece for Native American themed rooms Tiki bars and patios and can be enjoyed indoors or out. Note: Since each pole is handcrafted yours will vary slightly from the one pictured.

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