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Deep Sea Delight Octopus Sculpture

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-This beautiful Deep Sea Delight Octopus Sculpture from SPI is crafted in brass. It makes the perfect accent to any Octopus lover's decor.-Weight is 2. 7 lbs.-About SPI HomeSince 1973 SPI Home Decor has allowed you to accentuate your personal environment with evocative wildlife themed home decor. SPI Home commissions gifted artists and craftsmen to produce original sculptures, tables, lamps, fireplace screens and more to bring a bit of the natural world into your home or office. Time honored casting and finishing techniques lend each of SPI Home Decor's wide range of pieces unique design and color for a lifetime of inspiration. Their popularity with our customers has made Wildlife Wonders an SPI Premium Gallery, an honor received by less than 5% of the shops that carry this beautiful line.For over 40 years, this Northern Californian company, SPI Home, has cultivated a reputation for their unique brand of nature-inspired sculptures, furniture, and home accents. The renowned company's team of artisans take ownership of each creation throughout the whole creative process, from the sketching phase to the production of SPI Home's signature three-dimensional art pieces. Production of each and every piece is entirely in-house at company owned manufacturing plants in China and established partners throughout Asia giving them an exceptional opportunity to present innovative and provocative work with reasonable pricing.-About the processWhether the process is a time consuming technique of sand casting, in which a mold is created from compacted sand or the traditional process of lost wax casting, in which a wax model is lost when hot metal in poured into a mold, the artist is able to pay tribute to all subjects with attention to detail. In each case a second process of a two layer. hot patina is applied which creates the unique, in depth, rich hues characteristic of SPI Home art work.In addition to intricate, delicately crafted sculptural pieces, SPI Home also manufactures a broad selection of sophisticated decor pieces including tables, lamps, door knockers, and fireplace screens. SPI Home is confident that you will find their products fitting for your home decor and they look forward to partnering with you and ensuring that you are completely satisfied.

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