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Unicorn Studios WU75168A4 Bronzehued Composer Mozart at Pianoforte

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There is a special place within you, where nature is pure, time stands still, and the mystical unicorn freely roams. In today's world, that place is often lost, or perhaps...just misplaced. Unicorn Studio invit's you to reach across time and space, to reclaim your very own retreat. Beauty realized in various forms, each one of their pieces is designed with thoughtfulness and rendered with intricate craftsmanship. As you savor the unique and delicate artwork, may you be transported to that safe haven, and bring back into your life the magic of the mystical unicorn.Unicorn Studio provides houseware and gift items made of porcelain, namely, dinnerware, dishes, mugs, cups, plates, creamer pitchers, sugar bowls, trays, vases, ornamental figurines, decorations, ornaments, and containers for household use.-Material: Cold Cast Bronze.-Dimensions: 8.07L x 5.51W x 7.87H.

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