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Hot Cast Original Depict Two Beautiful Ballerina Bronze Sculpture Marble Statue

Best Hot Cast Original Depict Two Beautiful Ballerina Bronze Sculpture Marble Statue Reviews

Best Reviews Hot Cast Original Depict Two Beautiful Ballerina Bronze Sculpture Marble Statue

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The Bronze Ballerina Stands Balancing All Of Her Gentle Weight On Her Partners, While He Supports Her On His Right Leg. She Daintily Masters Her Attitude En Pointe Dance Pose As Her Left Leg Curves Backward Holding Herself From His Back. Her Right Leg Is Straight Upward And Her Foot Pointed As Well. Her Right Arm Is Touching The Floor And The Other Arms Is Gracefully Behind Her Body. The Handsome And Strong Young Man Spreads His Arms Out As His Left Leg Is Straight Out, Pointing His Toes. They Stays Focused And Balanced At All Moments. This Delicate Figure Was Molded Using The Lost-Wax Method Of Casting And Finished With A Brown Patina Tarnish. She Flits Upon A Black Marble Base With The Artist Milo'S Signature.

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