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An elegant, beautiful rendering of the awakened one in classic Sukothai style robe and crown. The hands were carved in a lovely welcome mudra in the original temple design, welcoming supplicants to the temple refuge. At almost two feet tall, this is one of the tallest Buddha statues available; commanding attention with its size and exceptional beauty. This is an outstanding resin casting, with outstandingly beautiful detail. The textured pattern of the fabric and the cut glass inlay, the flame top knot and sublime face, the delicate hands and feet, the classic lotus pediment base, all contribute to make this one of the finest pieces. Choose this Buddha statue for a dramatic decorative impact in any room.-Extra tall sized Buddha statue, almost two feet tall-Reproduction of a stunning Sukothai design temple carving-Incredibly detailed, fine quality resin casting with hand inlay decoration-Hands rendered in a traditional mudra; feet together on lotus pediment

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