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Underwater world and their creatures fascinate us all. So drawing inspiration from that is this exquisite decor that features only the rear part of a huge whale. This amazing statuette is made to stand on a firm black colored rectangular base using a stand. Made from Polynesian and iron this piece is highly durable and can last for many years to come. Your showcase top or pedestal top can be given an immense ornamental touch with this exclusively design decor Including this decor as centerpiece in your living area will imbibe an aqua theme in your interiors. It is extremely versatile in the way it has been designed and is so thoughtfully crafted that all eyes will set on it and people will enquire a lot about it. While opening up an outlet that sells aqua based items flaunting this statuette will give a nice hint to the passersby. Gift it to somebody close who loves admiring aqua creatures.

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