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Durable and Classy Tabletop Easel

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Beautiful and elegant this easel stands tall on table tops and allows you to keep a photo frame or hold other art decors in a neat manner. Constructed of good quality wrought iron it features a hollow ring style pattern atop and scrollwork at the base which acts as a stand. Easy to hold with the help of the ring styledholder atop keep the easel atop any table in the living room and it is sure to grab all the attention. If there are empty table tops in your abode you can use this easel as filler. Perfect for art houses galleries and office use you will be complimented for your choice. This easel can also be used to hold a round mosaic platter. This will add a personal touch to your dwelling. If you find this easel a brilliant way to showcase art get it soon as it is indeed worth investing.SKU:HGDB43325567

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