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SS United States Limited 40'', Famous Model Cruise Ship, Wood Cruise Ship Mod

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SOLD FULLY ASSEMBLED--Ready for Immediate Display - Not a Model Ship kit --Celebrating the holder of the Blue Riband for the fastest trans-Atlantic crossing by a passenger vessel, the Limited Edition SS United States model cruise ship is built with the finest craftsmanship and demanding attention to every detail, evoking the elegance and grandeur of a bygone era. These exquisite Limited Edition cruise ship models of the famous SS United States will carry you back to the heyday of the grand trans-Atlantic ocean liners. -------- Sold fully assembled - this is not a SS United States model ship kit-- Museum Quality features not available in other models or any kit-- -- Paint colors precisely matched to those of the SS United States-- All windows and portholes exactly sized and positioned according to the original construction plans-- Historical design and detailing of superstructure and hull-- Open promenade decks visible through superstructure windows-- Rigging and stay-lines on all masts and smokestacks-- Precise superstructure design and detailing-- Quadruple propeller design and accurate anchors-- Numerous deck objects and features include deck cleats, vent shafts, lattice grates, miniature benches and more-- All ladders, staircases and handrails produced from delicate metal wire-- Finely-crafted wire maintenance ladders ascend smokestacks-- -- -- Handcrafted from scratch by our master artisans-- Built from highest quality woods including cherry, birch, maple and rosewood-- Meticulous painting to accurately match the actual SS United States -- Only a limited amount of models will ever be produced due to the extensive hours required to constuct the model-- Extensive research of original plans, historical drawings and paintings as well as actual photographs ens

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