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D.H.Chiparus Bronze Art Deco Statue Egyptian Dancer Art Sculpture

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With grace, agility and flexibility,this chiparus gypsy performs for a entranced crowd. She stands center stage. Her body moves fluidly and her arms stretch elegantly, one extending to the sky and the other behind her. She arches her back, tilts her head to the side and gazes down to her feet. Her flat stomach peeks out from between her long flowing skirt and beaded floral bodice. A silk scarf is wrapped around her head neatly. 100% bronze and handmade, this sculpture was cast using the lost wax method and mounted on a marble base. It features the signature d.h chiparus. Demetre haralamb chiparus (also known as dumitru chip?ru?) Was a romanian art deco era sculptor who lived and worked in paris. He was born in romania, the son of haralamb and saveta. In 1909 he went to italy, where he attended the classes of italian sculptor raffaello romanelli. In 1912 he traveled to paris to attend the ecole des beaux arts to pursue his art at the classes of antonin mercie and jeanboucher. Demetre chiparus died in 1947 and was buried in bagneux cemetery, just south of paris

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