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18"x15" Metal Acrylic Glass Globe Decor

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Here is this vintage inspired globe Decor which is made to lift up the mood of the room as well as the tabletop it is positioned on. With this globe Decor you will not be able to give your home a vintage flair, made from good quality Metal and acrylic; it is sturdy and will stay in prim condion for ages. In a bronze color the globe has a Metallic finish. As the globe is made from wired Metal pieces it has an antique look. The arrow with a round crystal at the center enhances its beauty further. Keep it in the lobby, living room, kid's room or study of your abode. It needs dusting with a cloth on frequent intervals. This globe can also be kept in offices, schools or any other educational institutions. It can also be considered as a gifting option for your loved ones. So without any further thinking, get this Metal antique inspired globe home!

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