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Blue Japanese Glass Ball Fishing Float With Brown Netting Decoration 12''

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This Blue Japanese Glass Ball Fishing Float With Brown Netting Decoration 12'' is a perfect piece of beach wall art. Gorgeous whether in your home or office, enjoy the charming inner warmth of this buoy float as lights play through the blue glass ball. Perfectly contrasting the glass float is the authentic fishing rope netting which holds the float in place. Mesmerizing and enchanting, enjoy the historic wonder and brilliant style of this nautical glass float each and every day. Our Japanese Glass Ball Fishing Floats come in various sizes (2'', 3'', 4'', 6'', 8'', 10'', & 12'') and various colors (clear, blue, light blue, green, amber, red, and orange) so mix and match to create your own perfect beach wall art decoration. For decoration only, this is not an authentic buoy/float. Wall mounting hardware not included. Amazing Japanese fishing float replica. Hand-blown glass with authentic aged netting. Excellent beach wall art decoration. Mix and match various sizes and colors

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