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Lladro Dancers From The Nile Golden Re Deco Figurine

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Some works are able to arouse feelings that go much beyond mere contemplation. And this happens when we observe the Lladro Dancers from the Nile. We imagine that we are listening to the enchanting sound of the arghoul, a traditional Egyptian double-pipe woodwind instrument, and we can almost convince ourselves that we are seeing the swaying movement of the dancers. This is the magic of the Orient The new limited edition combines the formal elegance of classical sculpture, painstakingly modeled in white, with the exuberant decoration in golden luster. This complex technique, requiring the input of Lladro's most experienced artists, enhances several key elements from Egyptian symbolism. The crowns, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, borders and sumptuous clothing lend the piece the touch of sophistication that conjures up the splendor of ancient Egypt. Hand Made In Valencia Spain - Sculpted By: Juan Ignacio Aliena - Limited To: 200 Pieces Worldwide - Included with this sculpture is replacement insurance against accidental breakage. The replacement insurance is valid for one year from the date of purchase and covers 100% of the cost to replace this sculpture (shipping not included). However once the sculpture retires or is no longer being made, the breakage coverage ends as the piece can no longer be replaced.

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