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57 Long Chaise Lounge Chair With Storage, Old Navy Blue Microfiber

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57 Long Chaise Lounge Chair With Storage, Old Navy Blue Microfiber Customer Reviews :: I absolutely loveReview! This is actually my firstReview, so I can only give you my opinions from this one item. I do love it though! 

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This contemporary and stylish storage chaise lounge is designed to adapt to any room while providing additional seating room for you and your guest. With the conveniently hidden storage space making this bench quite practical for holding books and magazines, up to 3 cubic feet (50x18x5). The seat flap is designed with hydraulic hinge mechanism for easy opening or securely sleek and tight closing when needed. The bench is finished with navy blue microfiber seat cushion for comfort and coziness that compliment with the embroided studded lining for modern decor style. The sturdy internal frame is supported with metal and wood . Minimal assembly required

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