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20 TOP Things To Do in Brussels – Explore like a local

Living in Brussels: Getting Lost in its Little Streets with an Insider

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If you would prefer to find something more serious then International Cupid can help you meet foreign brides from around the globe, Belgium included. We just fully covered the best ways to meet singles near you and it is time to pivot to our Brussels dating guide.

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Getting a girl to go out with you is as good of a start as you could ever hope for, but now you have to show her a good time on your date night. Any of these romantic restaurants or cocktail bars should be able to set the mood for the evening:. After dinner and drinks go party in the nightlife, see who is performing at the Theatre National Wallonie Brusselsor find out what events are going down at Bozar. Try to get outside and enjoy a sunny afternoon together if at all possible.

Best dating places brussels

Here are some good places to take advantage of nice weather outdoors together:. You should also try to check out Mini-Europe, a recreation of many cities around the continent. Atomium is cool, or you could just roam around the Grand Place area or go on a beer tasting tour.

You can find a map of the public transportation here. Not everyone will speak English, but plenty should. For a weekend getaway Antwerp would be the simple answer, Luxembourg would be more special for your lady friend.

If you have any other info you would like to share please let us know in the comments. We love old European cities like this where you can spend most of your time out on foot. That wraps up our best places to meet girls in Brussels with our dating guide, enjoy your time here. Your email address will not be published. The building itself is imposing with large columns and lots of sculptures, some of which were done by Rodin early in his career. The real attraction of the Bourse is inside.

After standing empty for a decade, the building is now used for special exhibits ranging from photography retrospectives to immersive experiences about everything from the ruins of the ancient city of Pompeii to the work of Vincent Van Gogh. A beer museum, slated to open inis in the works for the upper levels. I stopped here to give my feet a break and to enjoy the house speciality, a half en halfwhich is a mix of still and sparkling wines poured perfectly at your table.

Just outside the historic city center is a spot of international importance, the European Parliament. An engaging, multimedia exhibit walks you through the World Wars, showing visitors what life was like throughout Europe during war times and explaining the reasons why the European Union was developed in short: build alliances, improve trade, and give people a reason to care about the welfare of other countries.

On your visit that lasts about minutes, you get up close and personal with members of the European Parliament or at least their stories and watch mini-documentaries about how being part of the EU has benefited regular citizens. Not currently or unsurprisingly part of the exhibit: Brexit. The 2-foot-tall peeing boy statue is photographed and gawked at all hours of the day by everyone from high school students to businessmen in suits—many posing for a selfie with the famous boy, of course.

The statue was originally made all the way back in Manneken Pis has been stolen several times over the years, and the current version dates from Manneken Pis is so famous that two other peeing statues—one of a little girl and one of a dog—have also made their way into the Brussels landscape. Get some chocolate from one of the many nearby stores, and make your way to the corner to join the group of onlookers.

The geometric garden and the vista it provides of downtown Brussels and the spire of Town Hall is one of the most popular places in the city.

With swirling iron, bright exterior paintings, and large windows, Art Nouveau architecture in Brussels is notable for its ornate details and use of natural light. Dating from the late 19th century, Art Nouveau was introduced to Brussels by architect Victor Horta whose home and workshop are now the noted Horta Museum, a popular Brussels tourist attraction.

In addition to the museum, you can make your own tour of the series of private homes and buildings designed by Horta and his contemporaries. The interior of many of the buildings can be visited if you reserve in advance. If you are staying closer to the center, the Comic Book Museum and the Musical Instrument Museum are both examples of Art Nouveau architecture which might be easier to reach.

Beer and Belgium go hand-in-hand, so checking out some of the famous beer bars is one of the best things to do in Brussels. Some of the most famous beer spots in Brussels include the historic A Mort Subite, which also has a wide selection of food, and Moeder Lambic, which specializes in the lambic style of beer like those brewed at Cantillon, though they sell other beers, too. All three are commonly suggested as among the best bars in Brussels. The first time I tried to go, it was packed with way too many people for my liking even spilling out into the street.

The second time Christmas Daythere was room to move around. So, know that Delirium is super popular, and plan accordingly, if visiting there is a priority.

My sister, the beer aficionado, loved it. Brussels is a busy metropolitan city, but it also has plenty of green space. One prime place for spending time on fair-weather days is Cinquantenaire Park Parc du Cinquantenaire.

During our visit to the sprawling park, cyclists rode down the paths while families picnicked in the open spaces and visitors lounged around the fountain.

Not far from the Grand Place is Place Sainte-Catherine, a lively neighborhood full of cafes, a market, and its namesake church. One must-visit spot at Place Saint-Catherine is De Noordzee, an atmospheric restaurant and fishbar serving fresh seafood. Stop in for a fish burger or any of their other delicious specialties. The odd sight has made the tower popular with tourists.

There are a lot of good sites out there with ample chances to meet your perfect match, especially if you live in one of the larger cities such as Brussels, Charleroi, . Take your pick from this selection of places to go on a date in Brussels. Being a major city, it attracts some top acts as well as smaller ones that are still just as. Explore Brussels like a local. Find the best local sights, things to do & tours recommended by Brussels locals. Skip the tourist traps & discover Brussels's hidden.

With rounded walls and a black turret, the Black Tower dates from the beginning of the 13th century when it was part of the original fortification that surrounded the center of Brussels. For over years, it has survived numerous waves of redevelopment in a part of the city that became an inland port.

In the heart of the historic city center, its existence and location are rather improbable. I have a confession: my interest in art is…limited.

But I love pop art, surrealism, and the like. From vanishing faces to pig men to all the apple artworks you can imagine, the museum displays original Magritte works. When I first saw the Jardin du Petit Sablon—a beautiful park tucked away in the middle of a long block—I did a double-take. I was on a bus zooming by the Brussels sites, but I knew I had to go back to find that park. When Lance and I returned, we were enthralled by the manicured garden, the fountain, and the statues.

I spent at least 20 minutes just sitting and staring, lost in the peace of the quiet space. Even in the midst of a busy trip to Brussels, I highly recommend taking a few minutes to breathe deeply and enjoy the surroundings.

Most people associate Belgium with waffles, frites, and beer. But Belgian food goes beyond these snacks and sips to some really delicious specialties. Branching out to try some traditional Belgian foods is one of the top things to do in Brussels. My favorite Belgian find was carbonade flamande.

This article will give you the best dating apps in Belgium. are populated mostly by Flemish, while Brussels is populated by more Walloons. Visiting the Grand Place is one of the top things to do in Brussels . most of the buildings in Brussels' Grand Place date back to the late s. Walking is good for you btw, does wonders for your self-confidence! ;) . Goupil Le Fol is the unofficial "made for dates" bar in Brussels.

A dish similar to beef bourguignon, carbonade is slow cooked in Belgian brown beer until the meat nearly falls apart. Brussels at Christmas comes alive with holiday spirit.

Throughout the historic center, there are markets with chalets decked in lights, decorations, and tons of Christmas trees. The greatest amount of activity is around the Bourse and Sainte-Catherine, which seem to merge into one massive market. All around, there are vendors selling gifts and candy and others serving vin chaud hot mulled wineoysters, champagne, and filling plates like a potato-based dish called tartiflette.

Every year, a different country is celebrated, and Brussels features its food and Christmas customs. There are lots of other activities alongside the markets.

Best Places To Meet Girls In Brussels & Dating Guide

The concerts, parades, and other special events mean that there seems to be something festive happening all the time. Brussels is ideally located for day trips in Belgium because you can reach lots of different places in an hour or less. In Ghentyou can see the city from the belfry, fall in love with all the gorgeous towers, and be back in Brussels by bedtime. See our full article about where to stay in Brussels for more information about neighborhoods and additional hotel recommendations.

The center of Brussels has lots of great restaurants.

We had our fill of Belgian specialties and branched out to other cuisines, too. On our first trip to Brussels, we were the guests of the Radisson Red. As always, all opinions of the fun, fascinating, and delicious are our own.

? TOP 10: Things To Do In Brussels Belgium

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