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All I Need Is You Chapter 1: The Date, a zootopia fanfic . FanFiction

Zootopia Short Comic - Judy kiss Nick

AN: Hi guys! So this is basically a rewrite of my fic The Perfect Mate, which surprisingly has gained a lot of support! I can't thank people enough for taking the time to read this story! Originally this was a one-shot but my new re-write is longer than 10k words now and I was having trouble uploading it to the website so I had to spilt it in two parts. Stay tune! Growing up in a small knit community like Bunny Burrows, Judy had been given a plethora of advice when it came to relationships. It's seemed like everyone thought it was their right to impose their opinions on what she should be looking for in a mate.

My dad taught me how! This is your last chance! Now give back our stuff! The Diggers were no longer having fun with the joke. They looked to one another in agreement and all four began to approach the little girl. The Hopps girl took a few steps back before taking a deep breath. The Diggers smiled and continued to walk menacingly toward the Hopps girl. They were stopped in their tracks by a sudden rustling coming from behind the Hopps children.

There was then a very low growl and an intensified rustle of the wheat. The stalks slowly began to separate, revealing the wild and menacing face of a feral fox. The Diggers were speechless. The fox made a sudden jolt forward as if to pounce. The Digger children had already started running as the fox leapt. They kicked up so much dust that the Hopps children were forced to cover their eyes. Nick stood upright, laughing at the sight of the terrified bullies still running off toward their burrow.

All of the Hopps children laughed almost uncontrollably at the display. Nick, now composed, said; "Alright kids, grab your stuff and let's get out of here before He had looked over just in time to see Stu, wide-eyed and not too happy, observing the scene.

Judy finished helping her mom out and decided it was time to go and talk to her dad. She felt good about the prospect of him condoning the relationship, especially after the response she had gotten from her mom. She made her way through the burrow toward the main entrance where her dad was likely to be at this hour. Judy went outside and was greeted by a slight breeze on the warm evening.

She looked around and saw her brothers and sisters slowly making their way back from the fields. Her eyes could make out the tall silhouette of a fox in the distance moving about a carrot field, as if searching for something. She figured Nick would be helping the little bunnies find toys as the sun went down with the use of his night vision. Poor Nick, he must be exhausted by now, she thought to herself. She walked along a small wooden porch until she came across her dad sitting in a chair staring out into the distance toward where Nick was last seen.

His ears were perked up and his fox stun gun sitting on the table next to him. Stu's attention shifted toward Judy as she approached until he was looking at her. Stu sounded stern, which made Judy feel a little uneasy.

Judy studied the situation and decided Nick must have done something to awaken her dad's distrust in foxes. She took a seat on the other side of the table and faced her dad. Stu explained the situation, how he had gone out to talk to the Diggers and came across the strange sight: his daughter yelping, Nick growling and bunny children running for their lives.

He then told her what Nick had said to him about his plan to scare the bullies. Judy listened with a hand over her face.

Oh Nick, what have you done she thought to herself. Stu finished his tale and looked at Judy with serious eyes. His nose began to twitch and his eyes softened as a smile broke out across his face. Judy could only look at him quizzically, considering the story she had just heard. Judy also began to laugh, partly because the story was funny, but mostly because she was relieved that her dad wasn't upset with Nick over the ordeal. They laughed some more over Nick's idea of a joke before getting up to head back inside.

Judy motioned to the stun gun on the table; "So, what is that doing out here, if everything is OK? I'm ashamed to admit it now.

It has been 5 months since Judy and Nick have become partners. Now it's time for the two of them to take a vacation together. Judy is going. Join Nick and Judy as they experience life together and maybe even his Girlfriend Judy Hopps who he had been dating for a year and a half. While on the case, Judy and Nick are trying to start dating but if their career is constantly getting in the way, will they even have one?.

Stu picked it up and removed the batteries, then tossed it aside. He looked back to Judy with a little more confidence in his face. He's looked out for you and he looks after your brothers and sisters. I'm glad you two met up," Stu said with an air of pride. Judy decided that this was the opportunity that she needed.

She took a deep breath and placed her hand on her dad's shoulder. Stu's expression changed from embarrassment to shock; "What do you meant 'started to date? Judy took a step back, searching for words to try and explain how she felt and why. Her dad's reaction, however, was beginning to undo her and she felt some tears start to build up in her eyes.

She was fearful that her timing may have been off. Stu stood dumbfounded, but saw that Judy was distressed. He collected himself and continued; "It's just that, well, I thought you two were already dating," he said. Judy was very surprised to hear this coming from her dad. She suddenly found herself wondering who else might think the same thing. The people they work with, their other friends.

What about Nick? Does he feel the same way for certain, too? A thousands questions ran through her head as she contemplated what to say next. After a few seconds of very careful thought, Judy blurted out; "What? Stu looked at her and the smiled; "It's just the way you both have carried on, since that Gazelle concert," he said, "I mean, besides that you're both always together. When you call us he's there. When we call you he's there.

Heck, sometimes when we can't get in touch with you, we call Nick. And guess what? You're there! Judy smiled sheepishly at the realization of what her dad was saying. This wasn't going exactly as she had expected, but it was definitely going well.

I wanted you to stay a farmer, but you wanted to be a police officer.

Zootopia judy and nick dating fanfiction

And you did it," Stu said, "I trust your judgment when it comes to your life. And if your judgment says that Nick is the one for you, then who am I to disagree?

Stu patted her on the head; "So, how about you bring Nick over here and we make this official? Judy looked away shyly; "Nick doesn't know anything. About me talking to you and mom. Or about me. I think.

Nick and the bunnies had made their way to the porch by this time. Nick appeared ready to collapse, but his bunny charges were still full of energy and ideas for new games. Stu and Judy looked at the sight and then at each other. Stu motioned over to the scene; "You let me know when you get that part straightened out," he said, "but I'm sure it will work out. Judy smiled and nodded.

She broke away from her dad and walked over to the worn-out Nick who was still doing his best to keep up with the bunnies. Judy took Nick by the hand and led him inside. Nick was startled a little at the contact but was all too happy to follow Judy into the burrow. She led him down to his room and they stopped by the door.

Does that sound like a good idea? That sounds like a good idea. Your dad had asked me to help out in the morning, anyway. Just some minor setup for the veggie roast the next day," Nick said, now clasping Judy's hand a little. Judy wrapped her arms around him and gave him a very warm and reassuring hug, "Good! I should be back before 1 o'clock. Goodnight, Nick. Judy let go and began to walk away to her room. She turned her head back to see Nick still watching her leave.

She placed her hands over her mouth and giggled. She could only imagine how red she must be. Nick had finished early helping the larger animals put up the remaining tents and tables. He washed up and changed and was waiting outside for Judy to show up. He saw that the car that she and Bonnie took on their errands was back, so he knew she should be coming out any minute. Nick thought it was odd that his little playmates had not come running after him when the work was done.

He could see them peek out in his direction, but no one came near him. He started to wonder if maybe his joke the other day was a little too much after all. Judy walked to the entryway and could see Nick staring out into the fields. He was wearing his green shirt and tie, but instead of khakis he wore shorts. Judy picked up the picnic basket and looked back outside. She could feel her heart beating like crazy and wasn't sure how she would react if Nick rejected her.

Her long pause caused Bonnie to give her a nudge. Judy smiled, took a deep breath and walked outside. Nick turned around and saw Judy emerging from the burrow. She was wearing a spring dress with a floral pattern and her ears down. She looked right at Nick as she walked toward him with a smile on her face that made him feel lightheaded. He could feel his knees begin to shake as she drew nearer, but managed to pull himself together long enough to make a move for the picnic basket.

Judy took a breath and then grabbed hold of Nick's arm, "Well, I thought we would eat over at a place I used to play at when I was younger," she said, gently pulling Nick in the direction she wanted to go, "it's just around the corner and up a hill. They began making the quick journey through some fields and along a path that wrapped around a hill.

Judy knew the territory well, but experienced "difficulty" at several points that required her to take Nick's hand or hold onto his arm. Each time, she could hear Nick's heart begin to race with her rabbit ears, feeling him tense up, but staying the strong gentleman. She giggled to herself, enjoying every moment.

They reached the spot that Judy had described. It was atop a hill that overlooked Bunnyburrows on one side and provided a view of the water on the other.

In the distance, you could see the Downtown skyline. The field on the hill was a soft grass with small flower stalks springing up out of it.

Judy noticed that the weather couldn't be more perfect. Nick placed the blanket and Judy unpacked the food.

Bonnie had made them a variety of vegetable and fruit salads and sandwiches. There was also a pie from Gideon's shop packed in the basket for desert. Judy and Nick talked and ate for what seemed like forever, never getting tired or bored.

After they finished eating, Judy cleaned up the blanket, putting everything back inside the basket. Nick looked on as she worked, noticing how her hands carefully handled the porcelain plates and cups. He looked at her dress and enjoyed how she looked in it. He stared into her eyes for what must have been an eternity, completely lost in the beautiful lavender.

Nick felt himself shocked back into reality. He'd been staring at her and she caught him! Nick looked away scratching his neck, his eyes revealing his embarrassment. Judy looked at him amused, hearing his heart race. She then inched a little closer. Nick noticed this and looked back at her again, taken not only by her eyes now but by the smile that she wore. He quickly regained a little more of his suave and smiled back. Judy moved a bit closer, her ears still back but maintaining eye contact; "Why don't you tell me," she cooed.

Nick faltered a little, but held on to his resolve. He moved even closer, making a conscious effort to ensure that his hand touched hers. He took a breath and simply said; "You love me. Judy smiled wider still and put her hand on top of his. The fox sighed before leaning back in his chair. I'm a fox, you're a bunny, and nothing we do will ever change that. Her angry frown was replaced by a confused one, but the smug vulpine wasn't finished: "The trick is that you can't let stuff like this get to you.

All you need to have a happy life in this city is to accept what you are and let everything else be water under the bridge. Judy frowned as she remembered the 'settling' talk she'd had with her parents a long while ago, but that frown was soon replaced with a smug smile of her own.

It seemed he hadn't expected that. There were some mammals that could be more well protective of their families than others, Koala's being a particularly infamous example, and to an extent rabbits were like that.

If they only had a handful of kits most rabbits would be helicopter parents, though when families numbered as high as hers they weren't likely to watch all of their kits to make sure their date had shown up. Had they been like that and had they come with her to the front of the diner, they'd have waited with her for her date, and it was rather obvious that there was nobody else with her. Judy thought about it, and decided give a noncommittal answer.

He was right in that it wasn't easy and she did feel lonely very easily, and how she managed to combat that was a secret she'd prefer to keep. In her time here the rabbit sightings had been few and far between, a far cry from her hometown. Suddenly her attention was drawn to a bottle being set down on the table, Vanessa having returned with the wine and two glasses. How do you even manage to feed that many?

Judy is going out on her first date with somebunny. "Sooo, let me make sure I understand you correctly here," Nick said, his voice chock-full of. When she signs up for an online dating site her dates will help Judy and Nick confess their hidden feelings for each other. WILDEHOPPS. After a terrible day at work Judy Hopps opted to go for a blind date. is an alternate-universe timeline where Nick and Judy haven't met before.

The taste was exemplary, the taste of the alcohol almost non-existent compared to the other flavours and she was soon downing the entire thing. It wasn't long before he refilled both glasses with the liquor. If somebody is significantly older than you then they're an aunt or an uncle, only your direct parents are your mom and dad, but once you become a senior you're automatically a grandma or grandpa.

The fox seemed to be spellbound as she explained, and he let out a nervous chuckle when she finished. Judy turned to see the Ocelot returning with two plates, one of which had something that was large and brown coloured with some greens on the side, while the second plate came with what seemed to be some sort of cooked salad. Meat wasn't something she'd ever seen served in Bunnyburrow, or even in Zootopia for that matter.

Despite the joke Judy remained staring at the fox and his plate, the other mammal looking at dish as if he were a mammal dying of thirst and the food was a glass of water. If she ever became a real cop she'd no doubt see much worse, so she couldn't let this bother her and the fox seemed to take this as permission to dig into his meal. To her credit, while her stomach turned at the sight of the fox cutting up and eating the brown meat, she did manage to prevent herself from wincing, regardless of the show he made while he ate.

He looked up at her, and then suddenly his look became one of worry. Before she could dig in a thought occurred to her. He shrugged before answering. Her disgust of the meat now completely forgotten, Judy had no issue digging into her own food. It would be an hour before they left the diner. Judy would tell the fox all about her family and what it was like growing up on a farm while he'd occasionally add in his own running commentary on events, or mention what it was like to grow up in the city.

From his description she could tell he hadn't had an easy time growing up, though whenever she pressed him for details he'd evade the question. By the time they'd left most of the wine was gone from their bottle, both plates had been cleared off and Judy was feeling a nice buzz that dismantled any objections she'd had about staying close to the vulpine.

It almost made her sad when they stepped out and she could see the fox eyeing a cab. The night at the diner had been exactly what she'd needed, but once the fox left she'd likely never see him again Where're we going?!

For a second she wondered if he was surprised at her strength, the muscles being a combination of farm work and academy training, but even so their size difference would have made it easy for him to pull away if he really wanted to.

Instead of answering him she just giggled a little bit at the thought of making a fox chase after her, eventually ending at the nearest park and she turned to see the fox panting and giving her a confused look. Well here we are! Maybe it was the wine making him laugh abit more often but she didn't care.

By the time they'd finished in the park, night had fallen and she was more than happy to see that her impromptu date seemed to be having as much fun as she was.

They'd discussed various aspects of their city along the walk and commented on the unfairness of living as small animals in a city where one-size-fits-all was considered to be deer at the minimum, and Judy had taken the opportunity to blow off some steam about her usual job of being a meter-maid.

Snuggles (Zootopia Comic Dub)

The fox for his part was both a good listener and a good speaker. He'd known what to say to make her laugh when she needed it and he knew just how to cheer her up about the depressing nature of her current job.

But eventually they'd come to the other end of the massive park and her ears fell back as she realized their evening together was at an end. She turned to face him and tried not to let tears fill her eyes as he seemed to be giving her an appraising look in return.

For her part Judy felt overwhelming relief along with a great deal of happiness, so she showed it in the main way that a bunny would, by jumping up and giving him a hug, locking her legs around his stomach as he staggered back and wheezed at the impact. It took her a few seconds to realize what the issue was and she quickly untangled from him and backed away. The tram car swayed to and fro as Judy stared enraptured by the sight before her.

At night the rain forest looked completely different from how it did during the day, the water softly falling from above seemed to capture the bright lights from all of the artificial trees around her while the mists gave the place an otherworldly appearance, as even the mist itself seemed to glow, the dim blue lights almost tricking her mind into making her think they were in an actual forest full of ancient trees.

Suddenly she felt an arm on her shoulder, claws slightly digging in as she was pulled to the side of the fox next to her. She eagerly accepted the attention, cuddling into his side as she nuzzled the side of his chest a little, and feeling him nuzzle the top of her head. The rest of the tram ride passed mostly in silence.

Sometime through the ride she'd stopped paying attention to the ride and instead stared up at the face of the fox who had given her a wonderful evening so far, only to find him staring back at her.

Judy and Nick disembarked From the Zootopia train. Both of Judy's parents were waiting excitedly to see her daughter, and meet her fox. Ah! Judy thought, I'll use this weekend to get an idea for how they feel about Nick and maybe about us dating! She smiled at the idea, but then. This is the story of Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde's life together as best friends, A fox, Nick Wilde, preparing for his date with an adorable bunny.

Later she'd wonder what made her do it, but at the time she had no issues grabbing the fox and yanking him down into a passionate kiss, one he was soon returning as she forgot all about the rest of the ride. When they'd left the sky tram, having untangled themselves from each other before they reached the station she found her ears drooping once more at the thought of leaving, but she'd have to.

There was nothing else that she could bring up to stay with him and soon they were staring at each other glumly. She'd never been so happy before to be without her fox repellent, and right then and there she decided never to carry it with her ever again.

Just then the fox's ears twitched and she saw him perk up a little. Partway through it she remembered to loosen her legs a little and eventually she felt his hands sneak under her rear, supporting her as he broke the kiss and then they were moving. While they walked Judy was happy enough to lay her head down on his chest and enjoy the moment. The fox seemed to know where to go and Judy was content to keep on holding onto him. Before long she heard the jingle of a key, and then they were inside, the door quickly being shut and locked behind them.

Judy wasn't too interested in the surroundings of the place the fox had brought her into, at least not until he turned the light on and she quickly glanced around.

What she did see was far less than what she'd expected given the evening she'd just had and how much money the fox had no doubt spent tonight. The place looked old, rickety, the walls were made out of various wooden boards without any drywall atop them and the door opened directly almost directly into a living room, with only a floor-mat and a coat rack on the wall to denote the entrance.

The living room wasn't much better, there was an older coffee table set in front of a worn couch, though the T. She didn't have time to absorb any other details though, as soon the fox was carrying her past it and into what was obviously a bedroom, using the switch at the next doorway to shut off the living room light.

For a bit she was in complete darkness, the bedroom not even having any windows, but then they'd crossed the floor and a lamp turned on. Like the rooms before the walls seemed as if they'd been built using whatever material was on hand, or what was the cheapest. Unlike the living room however the furniture was much better.

The bed inside seemed almost new, being neatly made with a bedside table next to it carrying the lamp that was currently lighting the room. Like the living room there was a tv along one of the walls, and there was also a very large dresser that was closed and with a number of photos atop it, mostly other foxes that were no doubt either members of this one's' family or good friends.

When the fox sat down on the bed Judy was sure where this was going. She wasn't exactly a stranger to sex, while she'd had it before, as was natural to help deal with her bunny urges She'd later realize there was a significant difference between foxes and bunnies concerning the meaning of inviting another mammal into your home after a date.

This fox had just been polite, whereas for rabbits the offer was almost always made as an offer to sleep together. The fox for his part didn't do much to dissuade that notion however, not at first anyway.

It was only at this point, when she was trying to pull off his clothes underneath while wriggling out of her own evening wear that he'd spoken up, his hands moving away from her rear. The next time he objected she'd reached down to the front of his pants and rubbed it against his slowly growing bulge, and the third time he'd objected was when he spun around, setting her down on the bed as he tried to pull away, but she silenced that by grabbing his tie and yanking him down atop her.

There were no objections past that and soon he was exploring her body with the same enthusiasm as she was exploring his, and their magical night continued. Movies Zootopia. When Judy returns to her home town to a visit, her parents find that she has a bit of a thing for foxes. More than I ever had.

A storm crackled overhead. The four got into the Hopps family vehicle and headed to their warren. Stu and Bonnie lead Nick and Judy through the front door. Bonnie gasped. Judy never mentioned anything to him. Don't like our cooking anymore?

Made our crops quite well known. Same guy. Judy giggled and shook her head.

We're here to see Gideon. Judy was a bit taken back. The sheep went to the back, calling for Gideon. A big chubby fox in an apron walked out. Judy nodded.

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