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10+ Most Insane Rumors Ever Spread About TWICE

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Yep you guessed it, I'm gonna be telling you guys about this kpop rumor going around I literally don't know if this is old or this is a new rumor but anyway I was just shook when I saw this on websites Jungkook from BTS. Are dating?! Any kpop fan would know that both companies of these idols don't allow dating and they have very busy schedules anyways so I don't think they are secretly "dating" jungkook even said at a fan meet that he doesn't want to get into a relationship until he was years old even though he said that jokingly jungkook himself is very serious about his career so I low key doubt he'd be in a relationship with Sana from TWICE. It's just like with the taeyeon issue she was secretly in a relationship but then broke up with him because of her busy schedule and I don't think Sana and Jungkook would risk that, right? Anyway I'm not good at doing blogs or whatever just wanted to point out that.

So is Jungkook dating Sana? Who knows!

But if you think this shows they are together? Wait, I thought he was in love with Nayeon. And Lovelyz Yein, lets also not forget the Laboum girl, and Chungha. And Eunha and SinB. Also, how can we forget that he is madly in love with Yeri and Lisa? They even blinked at the same time.

Not Yeri. Obviously, this is very late, but obviously I will post this anyway.

I had originally wanted to post this during the week Dispatch exposed them, but I was out of town and pretty occupied with my time.

Yay, Helena is rich. Although, when you think about it, idols are mostly private with their personal lives. All I can say is that Jihyo and Daniel were a smart couple because no one saw it coming. This comment on Netizenbuzz summarizes my feelings:. I always love to bring up Jenkai and yes, I know ExoPink are a ship and there were probably people who might have shipped the two, but many shippers believed Jennie was dating Taehyung.

Especially since Taennie had so many of the same accessories and clothing all that Gucci and Chanel they wore but it turned out she was dating Kai! Jihyo was heavily shipped with Suga, and probably shipped with someone from Got7. Some shippers get very upset when they find out who their fave is actually dating. They seem to be chill shippers from what I know.

If a shipper says they want their fave to be happy and date, then they should be happy for their idol even if said idol is not dating the person they ship him or her with. This is what I keep talking about. This reminds me of another annoying Bangpink ship where they honestly believe a certain BTS member and a certain BP member are dating and make expose threads, say the two are going on dates during break and will tell you their ship is REAL.

The two ARE dating. Crazies, the lot of them. It is greatly appreciated.

Yes, I changed my username. Feel free to send me screenshots or content of delulu shippers if you want them to be posted here.

Did I not tell you guys that if Taennie shippers get bold and delulu, they will always have a place here?

10+ Most Insane Rumors Ever Spread About TWICE

After the Jenkai split, it is back on! There will probably be more about this ship! Okay, Bangpink shippers have been getting on my nerves lately.

Fans had suspected that Nayeon and BTS' Jungkook were dating after a on her list of girl crushes (she accidentally wrote Momo twice). Sana, born Sana Minatozaki, is a Japanese singer based in South Korea, born on December 29, Sana is currently not dating and it is a management decision. Jungkook is a member of the famous k-pop group BTS. KPOP idols are not allowed to date. Sana (TWICE member). +3. doubt that there is anything between Sana and Jeon Jungkook from BTS.

Oh, dear lord. Hello there!

I agree, the maknae line are always being shipped with any female. If you type Jungkook, Jimin or Taehyung on Twitter you will mostly always see Dating next to their name, or some female idols name next to them. Jimin is no exception.

One of the ways that shipping cross the line is by hating on certain members. That is WRONG on so many levels, and that shows that a shipper is getting too obsessed with their fantasy.

If shippers start hating and insulting, sounds to me they feel insecure about their ship and somewhat threatened.

What posts were they insulting Mina? I can also be reached through Twitter. Thank you so much for the message!

Twice sana and bts jungkook dating

I talk a lot about Seulmin but people can feel free to talk about other ships here since I find them interesting too, I make posts about other ships anyways. Originally posted by jjks.

People like to rumor Jungkook dating Sana. .. Jimin is shipped with a lot of girls in Twice, I guess that's the curse of being part of the maknae line allforbts. Namjoon's Tweet. ??? ???. I'm living like this.

The truth or debunked? Your proof sounds like Fanfic. Ok we all know that this : happened May Wow, just wow. I literally stopped and stared when I saw this.

Look at this fit!

Jimin haters out there, u all r blind. Wow, Surprise, Surprise.

A guy who is hardworking and professional in his career. I look forward to the day she'll find mr.

She has said nothing when it comes to her ideas and expectations towards marriage. Members of Twice have not been forthcoming when it comes to such topics. The gorgeous member of TWICE will only find an ideal situation for dating after her three year ban is over.

Sana & Jungkook in a relationship?!! I was just shook when I saw this on websites Jungkook from BTS. user uploaded image. And Sana from TWICE think they are secretly "dating" jungkook even said at a fan meet that he. There's already rumors that BTS's JungKook and TWICE's Sana are secretly dating, but netizens dig up more evidence of the possible K-Pop. [IMG] BTS Jin and Twice Sana Dating Rumor become a hot topic after first its jimin and seulgi, then jungkook and tzuyu, now its jin and sana.

So until then she has all her plans but has not been revealed to the public. Sana is adorable and has many fans who love her which makes them comment on her activities. However, when it comes to dating there are no such comments. However, there are fans that approve of her relationship with Jungkook, whether it is true or not.

No data so far.

Netizens Find More Dating Evidence of JungKook and Sana’s Couple Rumors

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