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The Korean Spa

We have both exciting news and sad news. When we moved to Korea seven years ago our plan was to stay in Korea for one year, then to move to Japan, then to move somewhere else, and to explore this great big wonderful world. But one year became more than seven, and it seemed like we were going to keep postponing our dreams indefinitely as we got comfortable in Korea. Much worse. Is running to the bushes to shrivel up in pain even a phrase?

Started by Nami20 Feb Posted 1 Mar Of course people gave them money voluntarily I have no issue with that and of course they stepped up and got a studio with that money so everything is fine on that part and I do agree with you on that. They abandoned the segment that made them what they are and they decided to leave Korea not even 3 years after they got over k dollars.

As soon as she knew she had EDS she should and probably was told that it wont get better. I have one family member with EDS and she was told what to expect there was no holding back from the doctor when they found out.

I don't think it's disrespectful to abandon that segment, it was getting less views than the rest of their segments and I think it's a necessary part of being a youtuber, you change it up otherwise you and the audience will get bored. Of course, you're free to disagree and I think there's no meaning of discussing it further since we both disagree already.

Most conversations I've had on this topic have turned aggressive pretty quickly so sorry if I'm too cautious. I do think they knew it wouldn't get better, but as they mentioned before they becamse comfortable in Korea.

I think the latest year has been a real reality check for them from what I've watched, don't watch that much anymore and I think that's why they seized the opportunity to move to Japan since it's apparently been a goal for her since she was a kid.

Posted 2 Mar First, I'd like to say that for that, you can't be sure that the person that happens to film them feels comfortable having their identity revealed. They even asked the viewers not to disturb SooZee and Leigh with questions and etc If the person filming doesnt want to reveal, they don't have to.

What I'm trying to say is it seems a little too much to be asking for likes?????? As for SooZee and Leigh, that's understandable but kind of disappointing for them since it somewhat feels like they're just leaving them on their own imo. Let's not forget how condescending their collabs and interviews with KPOP stars were.

I don't follow KPOP so I can't quite remember who these people were, but I remember they had one girl on who didn't speak English very well, and didn't quite understand their humor, and Martina particularly made condescending jokes about it.

Not like light-hearted jokes. More along the lines of 'haha I'm so much better than you because I speak English fluently'.

Wake Up Leigh

I was a huge fan until I saw how shittily they treated that poor girl, and I stopped watching after that. Really disappointing. I also believe they made a video? Just irked me a bit. Soozee is Korean and Leigh came there independently as a student. I would understand if they brought them to Korea and never gave them notice but they told them months in advance???

That's way nicer than a corporate job would do for you??? I seriously have my doubts Soozee and Leigh feel this way. I can't say anything about that.

Eat Your Kimchi (Simon and Martina)

I've seen it so much it just flies over my head without me giving any importance, really. I think it's a bit harsh to consider the fundraising for the studio a "scam".

Don't like how the Mods Moderate at eatyourkimchi.

We ask that those of you that follow Soozee and Leigh on social media give them the privacy they deserve to move onto new jobs and new. I feel like the only positive thing they've done this year was hire Leigh and Soozee. Soozee is more in tune with Korean culture (of course) and. Both based in South Korea, Soo Zee and Leigh first made their name on YouTube when they joined the Eat Your Kimchi crew in At the.

Don't like the KMM voting system? Don't like how EYK is being run compared to how it used to be? Tell us all about it. We wanna hear what you have to say! And don't worry, all opinions and confessions will be anonymous. My original interest in Japanese food is what led me to discover you guise about a year and a half ago.

Because of you guys I have discovered a love of Korean food history and culture, that I had forgotten I had wanted to understand more when I was younger. Korea and as he grew up he never had an interest so I kinda pushed it to a back burner and focused more on learning about Japan which I was also interested in. Thanks to you guys I am saving my pennies for my first trip to Korea. Good luck and sorry for the babbling comment.

"As for Soozee and Leigh, we're not asking you to stop following them, we're just saying please don't send them messages asking them about. Second, in matters to SooZee and Leigh, in their video where they discussed about moving to Japan (I think that was the one) they specifically. SooZee was a past manager for Eat Your Kimchi. SooZee After Simon and Martina moved to Japan, SooZee and Leigh started the Youtube channel Do.

Thank you for commenting, for being a Premium Nasty aww yeah! And, more importantly, thank you for the support on this move :D. I am sad that this chapter is ending, but uuber excited for you guys that you are making a new start, and are still wanting to share it with us.

I will continue to support and be a huge fan of whatever you guys are doing. Even my mom knows about you, because I talk about you. I love you guys, I wish you the best.

I am so excited for you guys! I have watched your videos since you were trying to work the washing machine. I was super ecstatic to meet in person on the Meetyourkimchi tour in Atalanta. Excited for the next chapter of your lives! And I did not realize Japan was a rabies free country. The more you know!

So do you think Soozee and Leigh are a couple? The couple outfits, this Do Stuff YouTube channel, that video of Leigh when she's was just. The latest Tweets from Soo Zee ?? (@soozee). My ideal day is to have dessert for every Leigh Cooper @ltcooper · Simon and MartinaVerified account @.

I lived in Japan for a year and. Half and I loved it. Japan is awesome too! If you ever need a Japanese interpreter let me know! You pushed me to follow my dreams despite of the fear. Keep living as you want to. Keep dreaming. Keep us with you. I regret not taking my time to visit you back in when visited Korea. But maybe I can meet you in Japan next Spring! Martina, Simon, eatyourkimchi, fighting!

Follow your dreams!! Simon, Martina, I love you guys! But I completely understand! My sister and I have fibromyalia and my best friend and her entire family have EDS.

So you got to follow your dreams while you can!

Soozee and leigh dating

That is a quality I look for and need in my future husband! NO WAY! Simon might just have to become a makeup artist…hahahah. This is crazy guys. I found your original videos waaay back when you first started posting them. I was looking for information at 2AM on google about moving to Korea and stumbled upon a tiny black back grounded blog that referenced one of the few videos you had uploaded at the time.

Your information and your love for Korea and love for life helped me make life decisions that ultimately helped me get me where I am today. When I first started watching I was unemployed and was not currently enrolled in university. I continue to follow and support you guys in every thing you do. Maybe their post system wont bust it in half and send it back lol. I never had a real interest in Korea but you guys have changed that!

You guys have helped me get out and try to be as positive as I can on those bad days. I just wanted to say thank you for that. I have been following you from your first vid and I am excited to see you grow in a new place and environment.

Soo Zee Kim

People and places change over time and it is important to enjoy them as they are now and what they become in the future. Your videos inspired me to travel to new places. I went to Japan and China this year and I plan on going to S. Korea next year and Singapore the year after that. Thank You…. Love always! Probably a bit of both. Not just about food, but about life in Japan! Though my own heart is in Korea, I have lived in Japan too, and I am very excited for you!

I am excited to see what new wonders you will find and share with us! Best of luck to Soozee and Leigh. Most of the time, change is a good thing. I have seen you both change in these past 2 years and grow exponentially.

My fiancee and I are going to be in Japan on our honeymoon and we would love to say hi!!! Best of luck moving! I know how difficult and scary it can be to completely move to a new place and start again.

I have been watching your videos for about 5years and always enjoyed them.

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