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Big Brother’s Christmas Is Open to Having a Relationship With Paul

BB19 Christmas admits feelings for Paul

More than friendship? Abbott never told the clothing designer, 24, how she felt as they competed on the CBS series, though. I have no idea. There are things that were happening in life before and things that are happening in life after and who is to say. The Virginia native placed third on season 19, a triumph after breaking her foot early on when fellow houseguest Jason Dent landed on it during a piggyback ride. There is no way and no how in my life I would ever regret that decision. To show that you can still persevere when you get a really sh-tty situation.

US: Were you surprised Paul had other final deals? Do you think he would have brought you to final two?

Christmas captioned the image, making a reference to Big Brother's 19 that she could see herself dating Paul and she had feelings for him. 'Big Brother' alum Christmas Abbott surprised fans by announcing on Monday, year it is turning out that is the best year of my life to date. with fellow Big Brother houseguest Paul Abrahamian during season

It was smart for him. He had to.

I think I was optimistic that he would choose me but also realistic that he had a better chance at winning against Josh. I felt honestly that either one of them would have a stronger chance at winning against each other.

And the fact that within the last week in the house nothing was mentioned to me subtly or directly I knew what was going on.

Big Brother 19 spoilers reveal that Christmas Abbott developed romantic feelings for runner-up, Paul Abrahamian and is interested in dating him outside. Big Brother season 19 star Christmas Abbott announced in March that year it is turning out that is the best year of my life to date.”. Is former 'Big Brother' star Christmas Abbott trading barbells for baby . to her ride-or-die co-finalists, Paul Abrahamian and Josh Martinez. "We were just kind of friends for a long time and then started dating," she said.

My last speech was just me taking the opportunity to show my gratitude for the game and the people that I played with and to give Josh an opportunity to stick to his word. US: Paul told me that you definitely would have won against Josh.

Do you think you would have? CA: I do. If I argued with people it was sound logic.

Josh made a lot of enemies, he pissed off a lot of people. Paul pissed off a lot of people in a different way.

Paul and christmas dating big brother

I believe that if either one of them would have taken me I would have won. CA: Yes!

BB19 Christmas returns from her Surgery

He was such a d-ckhead. I believe that if I sit down and have a real conversation with Cody outside the game we have a lot to talk about.

But inside the game — everything that came out of his mouth was a lie. He lied to every single person in that house.

He manipulated everybody in the house. He flipped the house on me. He backdoored me, he blindsided me. As a game player — worst game player ever.

CA: My favorite is Josh. He just always woke up so jubilant.

His spirit is my spirit. We were like two spirit animals together.

I can only say one? I got along with her, but Raven [Walton]please, shut the f-ck up. Allow people to have their moment. However, she plans to reach out to him soon. She pointed out that she had no expectations from Paul, but she hopes they will remain close.

Abbott thanked CBS for allowing her to stay in the house after breaking her foot while horse playing with fellow houseguest, Jason Dent.

Big Brother 19's Paul Abrahamian says he was surprised to find out that Christmas Abbott previously hinted to Us that she is open to dating. “Yeah,” the year-old exclusively tells Us Weekly whether she’s open to having a relationship with Abrahamian outside the house. Abbott never told the clothing designer, 24, how she felt as they competed on the CBS series, though. The Virginia native placed third on season 19, a. STREAM: Paul Is A Bridesmaid Once More On Big Brother 19's Paul: Josh and Christmas stood by me for a long part of the game, so I'll.

The BB19 houseguest had hoped to play a competitive game, but after her injury, she had to opt for a social game and sit out most of the competitions. Christmas expressed how happy she is that Josh Martinez won the season.

'Big Brother' houseguest Christmas Abbott pregnant -- "I've always expected the unexpected!"

She admitted that her decision to vote for Paul to win was a last-minute choice. She had planned to vote for Josh. The BB19 player believes that if Josh had honored their deal and took her to the end, she would have beat him.

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