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Aegyo Battle Weekly Idol Exo Luhan D O Sehun Xiumin and Baekhyun

Discussion in ' Celebrity Gossip ' started by ripiasuju , Apr 12, I shared they dated before but i got it removed, anyways. Look at tiffany and luhans answer.. And get this her username 'Xolovestephi' Here is some more proofs

Omg u right.

Love Each Other, Dates, Yolo, Friendship, Luhan, Xiu Min, Dating. More information #xiuhan #lumin #xiumin #luhan #exo Luhan Exo, In This Moment. Open. Some rumors also went around that he used to date Yoon Bomi of Apink, but Xiumin currently does not have a girlfriend because there have been Even after leaving the group, there were rumors of Luhan getting married. I shared they dated before but i got it removed, anyways. my last and most solid proof.. this is luhan and tiffany.. xiumin went in between them.

Whoever doesnt believe these concrete evidences are obviously delulus. LOL ur threads always make this forum brighter. I'm really wondering how you get inspired to make these threads. IwilleatBomishit and leehradze like this. BigBlueagain Super Rookie. Mints and IwilleatBomishit like this. I'm more on that Baekhyun wrote 'step by step' and that's Kris' life motto.

EvilAppa likes this. Cutie Married to : ilovetzuyoda. So random though. IwilleatBomishit likes this. Queen A-List. This fanfiction was really good!

Do you mind if I recommend it? Guess we now know who this song was written for:. And I don't get the ew part, do you not like Tiffany? When are you gonna write Kyuhyun X Seohyun fanfic? They low-key have the hots for each other. Location: SoCal. I hope the hell not.

He's too good for her crusty ass. Overall Luhan and Xiumin have built a strong emotional connection with each other that stabilizes their overall relationship.

EXO's Xiumin & Luhan reported to be dating + SM confirms it's true “SM Entertainment has offered their respondes to EXO-M Xiumin and Luhan. Dec 25, Explore graceeverdeen's board "BROMANCE: XIUMIN+LUHAN= XIUHAN", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Chanyeol, . [fanaccount] xiumin and luhan spotted in apgujeong • 1st fanaccount: “ today xiuhan was seen dating and drinking coffee together!!!!!!!.

Emotional connection is extremely important in any relationship and I feel that Luhan and Minseok have easily mastered that. In fact Minseok sometimes looks like he expects Luhan to grab him or touch him. But no. Minseok lets Luhan be be clingy. Maybe cuz he enjoys being hugged by him. In fact Minseok is probably the most clingy with Luhan. Minseok loved Luhan so much and cared about his happiness to let him go and let Luhan shine in China since he rarely had the chance to shine in EXO.

But I bet they do miss each other and miss being together. Now I get to the part of the long post where I will speculate a potential relationship between xiuhan. If you only view xiuhan platonically, this section is optional for you to read. Unlike what is mentioned above, this section is purely subjective and is based off speculation and deep observation.

A little bit of research was also done for this section.

The reason why I brought up the word soulmate is because fundamentally this is what I believe xiuhan are: Soulmates. As stated in the definitions, soulmates can either be platonic or romantic.

I really like that he takes good care of meand we understand each other well. Minseok was attracted to Luhan and was the member he wanted to get to know the most. When I first saw Luhan he was so pretty. Minseok found Luhan pretty and was attracted to him so he wanted to be close to Luhan.

So we can say Luhan and Minseok were equally attracted to each other in their first meeting. In this gif set, Minseok and Luhan both point at each other when they were which member was the most friendliest one when they first met. This is where I get my belief that they are soulmates.

Look back on the dynamics section of this post. They end up thinking alike, behaving alike, everything they do it just seems like it comes natural between them.

[Rumor] Tiffany and Luhan dated?

It was fate for xiuhan to meet. Two different guys with different personalities and languages yet share the same common interests 90 liners, TVXQ, soccer. And when they met, they both were attracted to each other. The fact that these two different personalities were able to put down their differences in order to get to know each other already is the start of a healthy relationship between them.

This prepared them for the challenges they were able to face after they debut.

Does this not sound like fate to you? Being with Luhan was the most he was ever out. And it was Luhan who the member he was out with the most. Either Luhan begged Minseok to go out with him, which maybe he did at first, or Minseok saw this as a way to be with Luhan a lot.

You could say Xiumin got Luhan into coffee, because now Luhan is just as addicted to coffee, more specifically Americano, as Minseok.

Thus what started their coffee dates ever since predebut. The moment they open their eyes in the morning, they think of having a fragrant cup of coffee and have always found time to look for coffee even after debuting.

As if sharing a secret, the pair alone spends time together in quiet areas. This got me thinking. If they wanted to be in a quiet place, there should be a scarce amount of people around. Or maybe none at all.

Who has girlfriend in EXO?

Which means there probably were a lot more private xiuhan dates, far from watching eyes, far from our knowledge. Xiuhan are already known to be a very touchy ship.

However, there are certain xiuhan moments which stood out to me.

EXO-M Luhan and xiumin

Luhan and Xiumin were watching a video on a cellphone when Luhan took a shrimp cracker and fed it to Xiumin. I find this fanacc interesting.

Why were the EXO members reacting like that? Then Xiumin notices Luhan and then continues cheering. Pretty much explains the interesting xiuhan moments that happened. Why is that Luhan? You really just want to be alone with Xiumin all the time? But you always room with him.

Is that not enough for you?

Do you want to be alone with him all the time? Just marry him and live together that should solve all your problems. They say when you really have a deep connection with someone they start thinking alike and then start mirroring each other.

Luhan and xiumin dating

This is also common with couples. The relationship between Xiuhan is just this great.

They said it's either Luhan or Xiumin SM has planned all of this since Including SNSD's dating news (especially for Tiffany's and. Xiumin is the member of the sub group EXO-M and also participates in the as Kris, Luhan, Tao, D.O, but Xiumin doesn't seem to have ties with anybody. He wants to date somebody who he goes along well with and that. Overall Luhan and Xiumin have built a strong emotional connection with .. - today xiuhan was seen dating and drinking coffee together!!!!!!!.

Many were surprised at how much xiuhan can talk without it ever being quiet between them. Fanaccs from backstage shows or award shows always mention xiuhan talking the whole time and they are always together see previous bullet about them being together. It seems as if xiuhan can never run out of things to talk about. So EXO finally had their first solo concert and we all had no idea what to expect.

Especially from xiuhan.

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