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The Originals - Klaus and Caroline - part1 - HD 5x01 "Hello Love" Reunion

Summary: Caroline's friends finally figure out a plan that will kill Klaus but what will happen when Caroline stops all of it to save the one man she truly loves? Disclaimer: I own nothing. I don't own Vampire Diaries or the characters! I've been working on this for quite some time now while also writing another fanfic I also have uploaded here on fanfic. I hope you all enjoy. I hope he gets back to his body in season 4 because Joseph Morgan is just amazing. Don't be afraid to leave reviews and tell me what you think about the storyline.

Klaus meandered forward and put his arm around his son's shoulders.

Affair 2. Scary Movies 3. Mate 4. Their Light 5. Claimed 6. Claimed Part II 7. Ducks 8. Little Love 9. Nothing Hair Clips Undercover Undercover Part II Claimed Part III Thunderstorms Wander Monster Under The Bed Teachers Mates Part II Caroline and The Duke Where he belongs The Pirate Queen and The Wolf Selfie-Bombing Klaus Lines Bob Bob II Alice In Wonderland Waking Up In The Hospital Dry Cleaning She finds out she is to be trained to fight and stop The Wolves, a group responsible for 12 human sacrifices a year.

Can she endure this new life? But one thing is for sure, her mentor Klaus will be helping her. Canon to a point. Caroline's life has never been easy, but she handles it all with a smile. How will she handle all the betrayal and secrets that surround her, as well as the surprising changes her life is about to face? Nothing will ever be the same again. When infamous crime boss Klaus Mikaelson is admited after fall the of the Mikaelson criminal empire? Will she be drawn to him as much as he's drawn to her?

And then Klaus happens. Spoilers for 4x Smuttiness, with some language. With Klaus's return to the states, will Caroline have room for him in her life, after all these years? Each fighting their own demons, the only thing they have there is each other. AH Darker themes. Now the entire city is infected with the disease that made even the local priest rabid and the desperate couple has to find a way to escape the hell on earth.

A fallen marriage. Will Klaus and Caroline save their marriage or call it quit? Klaroline and Kalijah. Warning: Mature Themes. Caroline Forbes and Katherine Pierce meet on the train on their way to be auctioned off in the magical city of Cyra run by supernatural creatures. They find themselves as the newest slaves of the rulers of Cyra themselves Elijah and Klaus Mikaelson.

Tell her she's got a boyfriend we made her forget? And then what? Bonnie's the one who did the spell, so she has to undo it if it's even possible.

Oh…and there's the whole 'we promised the Originals we wouldn't tell her' thing. How do you think they'll take it if Caroline shows up looking for him? We're as good as dead," Damon reminded them. They are completely, completely ordinary, and no one has reason to suspect otherwise, not even themselves.

Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Salvatore will be caught in the war for it all Brought to New Orleans to be used as leverage, the witches need Klaus' help in bringing down Marcel. But not everything is as it seems. AKOW Re-written, more information inside! Main pair: KlausxCaroline.

Hints of: StefanxRebekahMarcelxRebekah. Might add Katherine, She will be human, but not dying! Fluffy, established Klaroline. Set just over a decade in the future, after more than a year of cohabitation. Caroline finds some inspirational reading material, and wonders if their sex life could use a little spicing up. They hound, they squabble for their turn, they gnash at scraps, they turn their noses up at his weary, pre-approved answers.

They ask about Caroline. Christ, he needs a drink. Elena, Caroline and Bonnie meet up 5 years later and go on vacation in Miami where they bump into the Originals. The girls stick around to find out that there's more to the Originals that meets the eye. It would suffice to say that being given a baby to take care of for an indefinite amount of time was not on Caroline Forbes' bucket list. However, with the Originals missing, a coven of witches after said baby, and literally no one else to take the job, everything was left up to her.

In one moment, Caroline's life was forever changed, and for the better. Caroline is in a horrible car accident and goes into a coma.

When she wakes up she thinks it'severy memory from then to present has vanished. Will she choose to go down the same path that she chose before, or will she choose an entirely different one? And most importantly, will she ever get her memories back?

Everyone is human! The perfect job and the perfect husband, Nik. But what happens when she wakes up in an alternative universe, where her beloved Nik is a cold hearted Hybrid.

Will she learn to love him or will she find her way back home? They discover the spell effected others too. They are drawn together as they try to figure out who cast this spell and why. When she had finally buried her past behind her, fate had to intervene. How will she react when she realizes her ex- husband is her new boss?

Will they be able to resolve their conflicts and give one another a second chance at love? Will they fall for each other in war torn Europe? What happens once the war is over? But neither are wholly satisfied with the union-at first that is. But as they grow closer they both begin to fear that the secrets they keep will reveal themselves. And if that happens they wonder-will our love survive? A chilling chain of events leads to Caroline being saved by the patriarch of the new family in the neighborhood.

While enjoying their youth they learn more about life and love than what is taught in class. Only person missing: Caroline Forbes. Where is she and what's her plan? She invites two lab assistants to help her conduct research. All smut with absolutely no plot whatsoever. You're welcome. Meetings, marriages, and a melange of other incidents. When Caroline, an American graduate student, needs some extra cash to spend on her year abroad, she answers a housekeeping ad for an estate in the countryside.

But will the happiness last? After life was even worse The chemistry between them sizzles and the passion seems to ignite when they are near, but will they do what is right?

Werewolves are real. Witches are real. Now they all have to join forces when the zombies rise. Caroline races to New Orleans with her mom in hopes that a certain hybrid will help her. Klaus hears of her death and is determined to get her back. Little does he know she too is fighting her way home. Devastated, she turns her anger onto the smug and sexy Klaus.

What will he do when she starts hitting him? And what will she do when he counters her rough kick with a rough kiss? Some good ol' Klaroline smut! Her mother died and nearly killed her in the process, all while she found out her boyfriend had a wife.

Although her best friends helped her, it was the person she expected the least who saved her, the mysterious, dark, troubled, callous, womanizer, Dr. Klaus Mikaelson. Ensemble story, Kalijah, DaRose and more. Klaus happened to be her dreaded, demanding, notorious university art course lecturer who directed his contrariness against this new girl on the first day of the semester… AU.

Don't own TVD. But in an alleyway he is stumbled upon by a girl with so much light in her eyes, and if man cannot annihilate that eternal relic of the heart so too does monster adhere somehow to this sentiment.

When Klaus suddenly appears on her doorsteps he brings interesting news. Hair, Clothes, Brain : Caroline Forbes has everything she needs to become the best legal assistant to Esther Mikaelson ever. But an unwelcome surprise awaits her on her first day, and now, Caroline must adapt to thrive.

Rated M for language and scenes. What if Elena wasn't the one to confront her when she got home? Super smutty, hence NC rating. Reviews welcome! They keep me writing. Oh my God was she so wrong. A Klaroline knotting fic. He took a bold step towards her. All that back-and-forth banters between them, all those scathing looks; they're just foreplay.

But instead of words, a low menacing growl rumbled through the air. In an instant, the pain was gone. Her mother was right. Caroline was free. But what surprises does he have ahead, maybe someone from a past life will light an old spark. But when she takes a trip to visit her now estranged brother in New Orleans, she's reunited with his best friend and roommate, the enigmatic Klaus Mikaelson. It was meant to be a simple trip to reconnect with her brother but Caroline quickly learns that in The Big Easy, anything can happen.

Oh, and then there's the boyfriend, N M or is it K M? Caroline will see the world anew. The freshman experience was always known for being the worst year but this is just crazy! A NOT all human tale. Caroline and her longtime rival Klaus always have something to argue about, but when a silly prank goes on farther than anticipated, they realize that there's another, quite paradoxical, side to their fights.

Even then, deep down, she wanted to give in. Or what happens when Caroline, reeling from Stefan's absence, reaches out to the one person who would do anything for her. Post 6. Caroline had a carefully crafted life of being a con of the rich, until she meets Niklaus Mikaelson one night and everything changes. Manipulation, distrust, and control wreck havoc in their battle until they can't fight it anymore.

But the Mikaelson family has a secret, a secret that would completely discredit the Mikaelson name forever if anyone ever found out. One night in Mystic Falls Klaus is given two options: death or bed a beautiful young girl named Caroline.

Takes place sometime in the 's. It's seventy five years after Klaus left Mystic falls and Caroline still hasn't showed up to New Orleans, but when attacked by a Vampire hunter she has but one place to run. New Orleans. That's if she even makes it there alive. Caroline Mikaelson never thought she would see the day she went against her brother.

Nick Fell never thought he'd die before he turned 18, only to live again. Together, along with the Salvatore brothers they will have to protect Elena from her fate as the doppelganger. The note with him tells them he is Henry.

He was made with magic.

Klaus & Caroline - "A Father's Fear"

He ages. He's a vampire. He's special. He's unwanted. Caroline agrees to help Klaus with the baby, but really doesn't expect it to cause so much trouble with everyone else. Klaus and Caroline however, they seem to be the only two who don't know it.

He worked on the backstage. They wanted each other and never made a move, until one day. Some smut, some fluff.

Pure Smut. What happens when he picks the fiery, blonde who's also the friend of the doppelganger he just sacrificed? Rated M for smut in later chapters. Klaroline Rated M. After realizing just how strong their feelings for one another are, Caroline and Klaus begin an affair which they struggle to keep secret from everyone while the typical chaos reigns in Mystic Falls and they find themselves questioning what kind of people they really are.

Klaroline all the way. To prove her new strength she banishes Rebekah and Caroline to a time long ago. Klaus will do anything to bring them home even if that means going back himself.

Set after 5x11 years of sollitude: Six weeks after Klaus & Caroline's night in the . Caroline Forbes has been dating Nik for a couple years now, so when the . Caroline is a personal assistant. Klaus is a big time actor who happens to be dating the hottest supermodel around. Caroline is quiet, Klaus is infuriating, and for. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Drama - Caroline F., Klaus . When Caroline started dating Klaus, Rebekah did anything in her power to.

The girls search for the originals in the past for help but will they believe such a wild tale even with a girl identical to their sister? When he agrees to help, Caroline will either agree to his proposal or walk out yet again. Within hours the strangers are at each others' throats, though each intrigues as much as frustrates the other. Can Corporal Forbes and Klaus get along long enough to make it out alive?

So what happens when Caroline is forced to step in for Klaus' band when his lead guitarist is injured? For her own safety she enters the Witness Protection Program. From now on, she is Caroline Forbes, living with the Mikaelson family. Klaus and Caroline as usual and requests are welcome! Posted from Tumblr as well! Damon becomes a brother she never had, helping her run and covering her tracks, until they reach Mystic Falls and her past catches up with her. It was Enzo's fault, that smug, self-serving, loyal prick.

And now that she was here, Caroline felt even more lost than she did before. It certainly didn't help that Klaus was far too busy wrapped around some redhead to even notice that she was there Light and fluffy, to go with all the doom and gloom that's been popping up lately!

A smart and beautiful young woman. As she longs to be free and have adventure as well as seeing the world she finds herself giving it all up to spare her father from a dark creature. Klaus is the original hybrid who cannot love, but when he meets Caroline will he change his mind? After leaving 6 years Klaus comes back to his hometown where he left the girl he loves behind.

He comes home for his brother's wedding to find that the love of his life has a child that looks suspiciously like him. Can Klaus win back the girl he loves and become a father to the boy he never knew?

Or will he leave again? After meeting Klaus she sets off on another kind of adventure, one she never thought she would find herself in.

One filled with intrigue and feelings that should never have developed. Caroline's pain causes her reach out to Klaus, with unexpected consequences for both of them. Before they can work out what they are now, Silas appears, with his lost love on his mind. And she looks very familiar.

Can Klaus and Stefan protect Caroline from the strongest creature they have ever encountered? Rated M for later chapters. She must find a suitor to rule the kingdom with, but how can she when she loves her knight? His eyes shone in adoration and awe.

No clue how you continuously test my morals and self-restraints every single bloody day. The perfect chance presents itself when Klaus comes to say goodbye before leaves town.

Set after 4x An attempt at smut. Introducing himself as Klaus, his smiles win her over, and when he surreptitiously slips Caroline his number, she's forced to make a decision: give in and enjoy her last night, or pack up and leave without a second glance.

What would happen if neither of them remembered their history together so far and had a day to know each other alone in Mystic Falls High? One shot. They didn't expect him to forget the last thousand years of his life. They certainly didn't expect to see who he had once been. Especially not Caroline. Caroline visits her father often but one day there is a problem and some prisoners try to escape. Caroline finds herself locked up in the prison with all the other criminals.

Including Klaus. What happened when Caroline feels guilty and when a very pissed Klaus finds a way to come back? Kol is done with his best friend and brother dancing around their feelings and plot to lock them in Klaus' room with the key hidden.

Some crack and Smut. She doesn't care on how she looks anymore since her heart was broken. Klaus made a bet that he could seduce her and be with her for a month or sleep with her less the month.

What will happen when Caroline finds out she was just played with? What will happen when Klaus begins to feel something for her? Working her way through different precincts she eventually finds herself in New York working Narcotics.

Hoping for a sense of normalcy, her world is turned on its head when she unknowingly catches the attention of Niklaus Mikaelson-heir to his family's illegal empire. Inspired by a rumour on TVFanatic dot com. Oh and so is Klaus! But now they're being forced to rule the underworld?

A two-shot response to a Tumblr prompt for the HadesxPersephone Klaroline week - A potential for more chapters if requested. AU spin-off but canon as possible! Less than six months have passed ever since Katherine Pierce survived the transition from human to vampire. But things are far from good. A little present for my readers. A one-shot sequel to my story Best of Me, which is posted over on my LJ. More details inside, probably won't make sense if you haven't read the original fic.

The girls were reckless, sexy, fun. They literally used to dance until they dropped. Caroline was one of them, but her life is a little more complicated than that. She's the daughter of the infamous mafia leader Bill Forbes. Can an arranged marriage between the Forbes and the Mikaelson's bring these two rivaling mafias together? Klaroline, AH. They soon learn they must rely on each other if they want to stay alive. Emotions run high and matters of the heart come into question. He will have to decide between Caroline and Katerina for love or for the sacrifice?

What will he choose Human civilization is nearly extinct and the supernatural forces are in a war for resources and dominants. She decides to rent a house in the middle of the woods to get away from it all, but she's in for the surprise of her life when she shows up and the very annoyed owner greets her.

He certainly never expected to lose her so quickly either. Short AU. All Human. For years to come Caroline always without fail blamed it on his bodywash. Caroline Forbes wants to find the missing Doppelgangers. Her search is incessant, stumbling across the word 'love' on her search.

Love to read about Klaus and Caroline pretending to be together- until they eventually aren't? Then this Fake Dating list is for you!. This is when Caroline seizes the opportunity, giving Klaus the sweetest, Klaus and Caroline just started dating, but Klaus refuses to kiss her. Caroline's friends finally figure out a plan that will kill Klaus but what will Klaus and Caroline were dating for about a couple months now.

Will she abandon the only chance of truly being surrounded with happiness? Or is her heart free of any feelings and truly stoned with greed? This is Bleeding Freed, a Klaroline role reversal. Mikael, who was a friend of her fathers, agreed to take Caroline under his wings and teach her the ways to be a vampire.

While means how to destroy an Original. It's all Caroline knows, so what will happen when years later Caroline meets Klaus? Klaus is It's New York, What happens when they meet? Canon, non-canon and all different ratings All takes place after season 4. Just so you know, Hayley died giving birth to her baby. Klaus named her Aimee, a French name meaning "loved one. I'm just taking them out to play. All credit goes to the creators of The Vampire Diaries. Rated M because some chapters will be pure smut.

Klaus was sweet-talked by his sister into coming along on their summer world tour. Well, the sweet-talking wasn't really necessary. The prospect of spending the summer with Caroline Forbes provided all the motivation in the world. It was simple, dethrone Marcel and take back his city. But it seems that Fate had other plans instead. Caroline was supposed to stay hidden from Marcel and the vampires of the French Quarter, help her pack, and above all she was not suppose fall in love, even if he was her mate.

She then meets the mysterious Klaus Mikaelson, who tells her that there is more to her mother's murder than she originally thought. Abducted by the Prince of Darkness, Caroline finds the lines between good and evil blurred as she is drawn into a plot to overthrow the King of Hell. Who is she and why is she so important to him?

Klaus and caroline dating fanfiction

Klaus Mikaelson, isn't very happy about what happened with the Original because he seems to have taken a liking to her. When the baby vampire saves the original hybrid will sparks fly or will Caroline go on a killing rampage starting with her savior?

They hit it off right away but what was the chances of a relationship Caroline wants in a Vegas's bar. So what will happen when they slept together while Klaus had a fiancee? What will happen when she found out who Klaus really was? Matt coughed uncomfortably. Klaus, this is Caroline Forbes.

BOLD by Angelikah Chapters: 6 Words: 20, Rated M Complete Romance Caroline is the Chief Marketing Officer for an incredibly successful but relatively new cosmetics company, and, as a favor to her best friend, she hires Rebekah's overqualified but incredibly abrasive older brother Klaus as her new admin when her old one moves away. It goes well Until it doesn't. She laughs in their faces.

Top 10 Fake Dating/Relationship Fics

They say he broke her. But maybe they never knew her at all. Oneshot; dark! Enter young Caroline, who does not know she was born for this. Human AU. But now she was playing fiancee to a man who didn't know her name, and his outrageous family weren't making it easy for her to come clean.

And then there was his annoyingly handsome younger brother whose dimples and brash were making it much more difficult for her to turn away. An entertaining tale of miscommunication. It ties everything in life together. Nature always calls for balance. Some people call it Karma. Others call it God's wrath. We call it magic. For every reward, there is sacrifice. For every birth, death. For every beginning, an end. Who knew one bite could lead to all this?

When she disappears one night without leaving a clue, the FBI discover Caroline's clandestine relationship with the older, multibillionaire media mogul, Klaus Mikaelson. But what exactly has she walked in on?

Main pairings - Klaroline. Along with Kalijah and now Dabekah. It began with an arranged marriage proposal. When she looked back on how it all began she had never imagined she would reach here one day. But Caroline Forbes was thankful for all the pain and joy of her journey because it took her exactly where she wanted to be. They haven't seen each other in months but when there's an accident, they are brought back together. Will it bring them closer together or further apart? For these two anything goes A story of love found, in fun and dangerous times.

He is a force to be reckoned with, and it would surely take an army to stop him. Something must be done. When lines that can't be uncrossed are permanently carved into someone's soul, is there a way to make them believe in love again? Dark AU Daroline abusive relationship and trigger warnings inside. Klaus is a successful lawyer, moving back home to start a new job. Can he save her before it's too late? Trigger warning: mentions of rape, abuse, drugs.

It was time to show everyone just how strong she was. Four people all broken by the scars of love. Caroline moves to Mystic Falls after the end of an abusive relationship with her ex-husband Damon Salvatore. At the same time, Katherine Pierce and her daughter Nadia join the town with demons of their own. To add to this, Elijah and his brother Niklaus have their own reasons for returning to the town after so many years. That's when he turns to Sheriff Forbes daughter, Caroline. In an effort for leverage, he plans on seducing her, but things don't always go as planned.

He's a rude pompous git and she wanted nothing to do with him. Until one night when they both got drunk and slept with each other. And now they can't seem to keep their hands off each other. Caroline knows she is heading for heartbreak, but how can she run when he won't let her? Left with no other option, she turns to Klaus for help- but is he up to the challenge? Klaroline fic; set somewhere near the end of season 4.

What does fate have in store for them? So when Stefan Salvatore, a butcher from New York, arrives at her small island, Caroline Forbes marries him without a second thought. Until she move to New York, and meets the psychiatrist across the street from her husband's shop, and realizes she may have acted too soon.

Based on the movie The Butcher's Wife. Until she ended up as one of the emperor's latest concubine. And oh lord help her, the emperor was not who everyone else thought he was… Chinese royal historical Klaroline AU. Still sore about her banished boyfriend and her near-death from werewolf venom againCaroline doesn't answer. She's too busy and important: with prom. Desperate, Klaus leaves her bajillion messages.

What does he say? Will Caroline change her mind? Will help arrive in time? Canon 4x When an undercover operation goes deadly wrong, Caroline will find herself Klaus' prisoner, her whole world turned on its axis.

After spending so much time apart, can they ever make a relationship work? Klaus's daughter seems to think so and she's determined to find Caroline and have a family again. And he happens to be her teacher. She's gone to college and experienced a semi-normal life. I want you to focus on me. Just look at me. You noticed she looked worried. You began to pay attention to the way her eyelashes fluttered and her eyebrows were pulled together.

Good job darling. Natasha smiled at you and pulled you into her body, your bare legs against hers. You wrapped them around her waist, making sure you were as close as possible. You did it three more times before you came back to reality. With a deep breath, you pulled away from her warmth. You nodded and laid down, letting her put her arms around your stomach.

Originally posted by daily-hundred. You planning on talking? You shrugged. That should be really easy! You had been beaten for hours for that comment, but you dealt with it. After what seemed like days, the woman finally left you alone. You slipped your hands out of the ropes and began to work on the ones tied around your legs.

Boots were heard against the stone floor as your best friend, Octavia, approached your beaten body.

Fics where one or both are celebrities

She was always worried about you. You took her hand and she pulled you to your feet, and you finally noticed the wet glisten in her eyes.

FInally, out of breath, you both pulled away from each other, your heart fluttering with new feelings. Originally posted by magnificent-winged-beast. Your eyes fluttered open with a groan as you pushed yourself out of bed. As you arrived, you noticed you were feeling a little nauseous. Then the feeling began to amplify, and you rushed to the toilet and began to vomit your dinner up.

You sat next to the sink and took a few deep breaths before Lucifer stumbled into the bathroom, a worried expression on his face. You shook your head with a frown and flushed the toilet, making the horrible smell mostly vanish.

You shrugged your shoulders and glared at the ground. You had gained a few pounds, your period was two weeks late, and now you were having what was possibly morning sickness. He put his arms around your bare waist and pulled you into him. Take the day off.

As of now, you had a more important thing to do. Lucifer gave up and let you go, walking out of the bathroom, most likely to get dressed. He had important meetings or something going on all day.

Running Hell was probably a lot of work, but you still had no idea what exactly his job was. Once the water had warmed up, you climbed into the modern-style shower, preparing yourself for the news to come. You sat on the toilet in the gas station you had bought the tests from. You took a deep breath and looked at the test that lay in your shaking hand.

Under normal circumstances, you would have been disgusted by having to pee on a stick, but this time was different. Lucifer froze. His eyes dropped to your stomach. It seemed like an eternity before a wide smile spread across his face and he stepped forward, grabbing your legs and picking you up. His lips locked onto your and your legs wrapped around his waist, keeping you in that position as he spun you around.

He loves to spoil her. Klaus would walk around half-naked while Caroline would yell at him to put on some clothes. Caroline would tell Klaus not to stay up all night stressing, but he would anyway, despite her pleas.

Caroline would try to cook but would fail miserably, resulting in Klaus pitying her and making her cookies along with a fancy dinner. If the two were to rob a museum, Caroline would do backflips through the lasers while Klaus followed behind with a bag of chips.

Klaus would overdo the alcohol and Caroline would have to cut him off. Klaus would surprise Caroline with tons of small, random gifts. Klaus would give Caroline his jacket. Klaus would be threatened by pretty much everyone in Mystic Falls. Especially Stefan and Damon. Klaus would admit his feelings for Caroline first.

If they were to have a child, Caroline would be a fantastic mother, but Klaus would be reluctant. Caroline would text everyone with perfect grammar while Klaus would text with numbers as letters.

Olivia was a lovely blend of both Klaus and Caroline with her sandy a hard look on his face at the thought of his baby sister dating anyone. Read Chapter 17 from the story The Unexpected (Klaroline Fanfiction) by NellieRaye16 (Nellie Raye) with reads. Caroline Forbes and Klaus Mickelson. Klaroline-Klaus has agreed to show Caroline the world. During their many journeys, Caroline will discover hidden feelings for Klaus; feelings.

Klaus would be attacked by one of his enemies and Caroline would attempt to protect him, as Klaus would do the same for her. Klaus would make terrible puns and Caroline would smile through them, not laughing.

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