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The Vampire Diaries Season 5: Why Stefan and Katherine Make the Perfect Couple

The Vampire Diaries - Stefan and Damon fight Katherine

Katherine fell in love with Stefan when she met him in Mystic Falls in Although she was also seeing Damon , she had a clear preference for Stefan. She secretly watched over him while running from Klaus. Dead Man on Campus marked the formation of a positive relationship between Katherine and Stefan. Katherine managed to make Stefan overcome the traumatism by telling him that the real problem wasn't how he felt about being trapped, but rather the pain he felt from Elena leaving him and being with his brother Damon. They almost kissed but before they can Caroline opened up the safe, worried because they had gone silent.

Just like with him keeping her picture during season one, this moment between the two of them suggests that there could be more between them than just some complicated history. They could, in fact, be meant to be together.

Of course, opposites attract, blah blah blah. Yet wouldn't Katherine relish the chance to scheme and plot along with Stefan?

Wouldn't she be excited if he became more like her? Apparently not. And that's surprising. Everyone needs a good partner in crime. And Katherine is definitely no exception to that rule. So why not enjoy bad Stefan? Why not help him along with his badness? It doesn't make a lot of sense.

Last week, Katherine made her residence in Elena's body permanent. Karma Catches Up with Damon and Katherine Works on Wooing Stefan Of course, it's also co-ed and very much feels like a hook-up/date event. Katherine fell in love with Stefan when she met him in Mystic Falls in They almost kissed but before they can Caroline opened up the safe, worried. 12 Stefan Remembers Katherine's Birthday. Stefan and Katherine Hooking Up. First of all, vampires are bound to have good memories, but that.

Unless, of course, Katherine really does love Stefan and wants the best for him. Though that is hard to believe sometimes. This is Katherine we're talking about. She's not exactly the lovey-dovey type. Or the hopeless romantic type. So excuse us if we don't believe her. First of all, vampires are bound to have good memories, but that good?

Second of all, why remember the birthday of someone you supposedly hate? Most people don't know the birthdays of those they don't like. Even if they once did like them, it's one of those facts that's easy to forget.

So why didn't Stefan forget it? Damon did and he was once obsessed with Katherine. Stefan didn't have a similar obsession yet he remembers her birthday. Hmmm, interesting. Seems like Stefan at least likes Katherine a little bit, enough to remember when she was born. Fortunately for all the fans, we're here to make sense out of this.

It's possible that Stefan just happened to remember, but the more likely explanation is that he actually cares about Katherine.

During season four, Elena almost got rid of Katherine. Yet Stefan stopped her from doing it. Why stop Elena if he really doesn't trust or like Katherine? He must like her at least a little to save her.

Though it's possible that Stefan's noble side just came out and he didn't want Katherine harmed just because, it's more likely that Stefan truly cares about Katherine. He may claim that he doesn't, but the evidence is in his actions. He saves her from being harmed even though he claims not to trust or like her.

Perhaps it's love? Who knows? One thing is clear: Stefan feels something for Katherine.

Whether it's a feeling that remains because of their history or something else entirely, we don't know. So why not Stefan and Katherine?

'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Karma Catches Up with Damon and Katherine Works on Wooing Stefan

A missed opportunity on the writers' parts? That depends on what relationship you like in The Vampire Diaries. This fact could also be used to support Stefan and Elena's relationship. Yet Stefan and Katherine came first. In fact, Katherine admits that meeting Stefan felt like fate. Sounds meant to be to us. So why did the writers not go this route? After all, Stefan and Katherine have a complicated history.

For them to get together would take a lot of healing on Stefan's side and a lot of making up for the past on Katherine's.

And neither of those seem likely for much of the show. Does he really love her or does he just feel like he has to save her because it's the right thing to do? Sometimes it's hard to tell with Stefan. Then again, you can't blame him. Katherine has hurt him a lot and has done some bad things to others as well. She's not exactly the most trustworthy person.

So it makes sense for Stefan not to trust her. Then again, why save her? Was it just out of guilt? Or could it be something more?

Here are five reasons why Katherine and Stefan make the perfect couple. They balance That living room hookup scene was pretty steamy.

Could it be that, underneath it all, Stefan still loves Katherine? It's a definite possibility. Actions speak louder than words, after all.

He claims not to love her but his actions say otherwise. This one is definitely surprising. After Stefan claiming for a long time not to care about Katherine, he We knew it! There were real feelings hiding behind that tough exterior. Or not. The way it happens is kind of complicated, as are many things with Stefan and Katherine. It's hard to tell.

In any case, this doesn't make much sense. If Katherine is just a rebound then why go to all the trouble of saving her, as mentioned in the last point?

If Katherine isn't just a rebound, then why treat her like one? Again, actions speak louder than words. Stefan claims that he can't forgive Katherine for everything she's put him through, yet he doesn't really seem to be holding a grudge against her. When she states that she's in danger, he sympathizes with her. And he seems to quickly forgive her after knowing that she's passing away. Is Stefan just doing what he thinks is right again?

Or did he love Katherine the whole time? Again, it's hard to tell. Sometimes it seems like he cares about her in a more-than-platonic sense, but at other times it seems like he's just doing the best he can to treat Katherine right. Though why he cares so much about how he treats Katherine after everything she's put him through, we don't know.

Why go to all this trouble for someone you don't like or trust? It seems a bit excessive to us.

Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Stefan and Katherine Share a “Steamy Shower” Scene in Episode 14

Many fans may be wondering why Stefan would do such a thing. Surely he doesn't owe Katherine anything.

Caroline Dries talks to THR about Damon and Elena's shaky future, the repercussions for Katherine and Stefan's hookup and the pros of. But will Katherine and Stefan actually hook up? TV Guide teases, “She's going to come really close in the first episode back when the two take. The Vampire Diaries, a one-hour American supernatural drama, was renewed for a fifth season . Damon and Elena, alongside Katherine go to a bar to search for Stefan where they find the waitress who was bitten by Qetsiyah performs a spell on Stefan, connecting him to Silas and ridding Silas of his psychic powers.

Not that she's completely horrible, mind you. She's very morally grey, like most of the characters on The Vampire Diaries. Does Stefan think she's changed, even though just a little while ago he was stating that he can't forgive her? Or is Stefan just going overboard in doing the right thing? Katherine would most likely prefer to think the former rather than the latter but we're not sure.

It's a mystery. For someone as good at self-preservation as Katherine, this seems somewhat out of character. Of course, love makes us do strange things. Though Katherine doesn't seem like the type to be made a fool of by love. Unless she is? Katherine the hopeless romantic is still hard to believe. In any case, she stays in Mystic Falls and tries her best to win back Stefan. There's only one flaw in her plan: she has to pretend to be Elena.

The Vampire Diaries - Stefan and Damon fight Katherine

More on that later. Why Katherine didn't leave, we may never know. Does she really love Stefan that much? Her feelings for him seem to be a pretty consistent part of her character throughout the show. One true love, really? Since when is Katherine that romantic?

Katherine and stefan hook up

Sure, her feelings for Stefan have never gone anywhere. They've remained constant since the first season of The Vampire Diaries. Yet that does not mean that Katherine should suddenly start acting like she's a Disney princess. She's Katherine Pierce for goodness' sake. She's manipulative, cunning, and above all she's out for herself. She's the type of person to scoff at the notion of a "one true love," not have one herself.

Then again, she may be right. Though Stefan keeps claiming not to love her, his actions say otherwise. So it's hard to blame Katherine for wanting to be with him. Perhaps they really are meant to be. Though this is understandable for a little while, it went on for far too long. And this could be excused if this was still season two of The Vampire Diaries when Katherine was new in town. Yet she's been around for a while at this point in season five and Stefan should know what she's like by now: that she's a survivor and always has some tricks up her sleeve; that she's obsessed with him and wants to be with him more than anything.

Their love story is the gift that keeps on giving, and we think this storyline could give it the closure or continuation it never really had before. Stefan could use a little fun. Stefan could use a little fun in his life right about now, and Katherine is nothing if not fun. That living room hookup scene was pretty steamy.

These two gorgeous characters share some seriously sex chemistry. They can even make a PTSD-fueled almost-kiss seem hot. We can only imagine how great these two would be together in a full-on relationship. Bring on the Steferine! Do you think Stefan and Katherine make a good couple?

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