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Dating an INTJ female… – INTJ BYTES

Do INTJ Women Know How to Love?

Yes, being rare has its pitfalls. For one, few people know how to interact with such a person, making them quite a difficult person to decode and relate to. So read up on these behaviors and tips to see if you really have a rare INTJ gem in your hands—and what you can expect from such women if you intend to have one for keeps. All people are unique, but understanding the characteristics of any personality can help you achieve better relationships. As an INTJ, they pride themselves on their mind and their intelligence. They take every opportunity to learn, broaden their knowledge, and therefore, they are insatiably curious. You would see them debating, not for the sake of argument, but for learning more.

They get turned on by intellectual conversations. They find it sexy if you challenge their philosophies with your own. Your best bet? More than any other type, INTJ women need their alone time free from distractions and the company of other people. And by this, we mean your opinions. Therefore, throw aside your passive-aggressive tendencies if you really want to win them over.

Since they are not driven by their emotions and whims, they may come off as cold, and even cold-hearted. Give them flowers?

I am an INTJ female and I find it extremely difficult to date. I will meet a guy and within 5 minutes I have analyzed him and know whether I can. Hey Folks, I finally scored a point in the dating world! Anyone ever dated an INTJ ? I am currently dating one, and I must say I am pretty. So you have your eye on an INTJ woman? Well congratulations! INTJ women are rational, easy-going, avoid drama, and are committed to.

Type B personalities ]. They are enormously passionate about things that matter to them most. Whether it is literature, politics, philosophy, or just their favorite television series they have passion.

INTJ Women: 23 Tips to Decode their Traits and Win Them Over

Because of these strong emotions, INTJ women are highly invested in a relationship once they find the right person for them. INTJ women absolutely abhor it when a relationship abruptly ends. They would want to understand what happened and why and how things went wrong.

There you go.

When it comes to the world of love, we INTJs have a pretty difficult time. It's not that we're unlikeable, but INTJ female dating is just more complicated. For starters. Are you about to enter into a relationship with an INTJ personality type? Do you want to know the truth when it comes to INTJ dating?. Here you have it! Everything you need to know about an INTJ woman and how to date her!.

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Dating an INTJ female…

Your Name:. Your Email:. Personalized Message:. Only 4 in women are INTJs. Not me. Not for the world would I want deal with all that drama and complications. An INTJ is typically focused on character assessment, the intangible things — values family, integrity, openness, down to earth, etc. Which typically means they are either single, dating to find a match, or in a relationship.

Why I focus on this phase so much is that this is typically the make or break phase. If the guy has stayed with it for the assessment period, which can often be a very vulnerable time for him because the INTJ woman is not providing the typical assurances of kissing face emoticons, escalation points, and ecstatic greetings.

Intj females and dating

She does not hand these out lightly. The radar for other men is completely gone. She not only knows her worth, but nothing on earth is going to make her waiver from her man.

The INTJ woman is loyal to the end at a level most people cannot understand. Whereas many people do this in the beginning by wearing the cutest outfits, the sexiest lingerie, going to the gym all the time, etc. Which can be super confusing for some men, but also a great filtering mechanism for the INTJ woman.

The short of it is, dating the INTJ female is one of those things that only gets better with time. I am happy I found your blog. I have two INTJ brothers and two ENTJ brothers and always thought my characteristics were just more masculine to explain why growing up most people found me robotic and odd compared to my bubbly female classmates.

When I first took the Meyers-Briggs assessment, clarity emerged and I began to understand others and no longer found myself alone among females. Every post you have defines me to a tee. Thanks again. Like Like. I am based in New Zealand and there is no way to find anyone here.

Please help me if anyone knows. Especially the part about getting better with time.

In the early stages of dating, an INTJ woman is focused on determining if HE is a match for HER. She's not concerned if the guy is interested. And if you're dating one of the few INTJ women, you better fold up those sleeves because you're in for some real relationship work—or just read up these tips. INTJs in general are rare and statistics peg INTJ females as only about % of so it's definitely a rare experience to meet let alone date one!.

Thank you for this!! Honestly though, what is your purpose? Are you looking for a friend? Make sure he knows how you feel or he could end up assuming you feel nothing, like the robot your personality type is so often confused for. The truth is, those little things are what matter most to other people. Putting your own preferences aside to think about the little things that could make your date happy can really bring you a step closer to him. Those little things can mean a hell of a lot more than you think.

MBTI INTJ Dating and Intimacy

And also controlling. Dates are meant to be fun and spontaneous. Put your planner hat away for just a few hours and let yourself have fun. Since words can be hard for INTJs, especially when feelings are involved, you may need to focus on how you treat the other person. Instead of telling him how much you appreciate him, bring his favorite candy along on your next date.

You can even offer to pay, order him a drink, or get dessert on the way home to spend more time with him.

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