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Does God frown upon interracial marriages?


Some people insist that the Bible meant for the races to remain pure, therefore prohibiting any kind of interracial marriage. Usually two biblical texts are drawn upon to support that view. One is the fact that Noah had three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth. As you recall, Shem received a patriarchal blessing, and an enlargement of that was given to Japheth. Some have neatly contrived from the three sons of Noah, three survivors of the flood, that this is the historic basis for the three basic generic types of human beings: the Caucasian, the Negroid, and the Mongoloid.

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Does God frown upon interracial marriages? Question Info Teacher R. Sproul Topic Race Keywords Marriage. Learn Questions Answered. We had work to do to get to know each other, and many of our confusions were rooted in the fact that we were so culturally different.

My husband and I joke that we are the reasons for the black and white stereotypes out there.

Q&A: "Christian" Poetry, Writers Groups and Interracial Dating

He likes meat and potatoes and beer on occasion; listens to alternative rock and people like Nick Drake ; and likes camping and hiking. I, on the other hand, can throw down on fried chicken, greens, and mashed potatoes; prefer gospel, jazz, hip-hop, or anything I can dance to; and would much rather workout indoors or run than be in the wilderness. Even our personalities are at two different extremes. He is reserved, speaking when necessary, and calm.

I am charismatic, expressive, and enthusiastic. As we learned more about just how different we were, our differences began to put a strain on our marriage. Tim and Kathy Keller explain the phenomenon in their book The Meaning of Marriage : "If your purpose in marriage was to acquire a 'soul mate'—a person who would not change you and would supportively help you reach your life goals—then this particular reality of marriage will be deeply disorienting. You wake up to the realization that your marriage will take a huge investment of time just to make it work.

Some would like to use the Old Testament Law of God's command for the Israelites not to marry interracially as evidence that interracial dating or marriage is. Far more important than the legaization of interracial marriage in one nation is the fact that God's revealed will for the world is not undermined. A Christian should not marry a non-Christian no matter how kind and good they are. Interracial marriage in the Bible What about interracial marriage? All couples contemplating marriage need to give thoughtful consideration to a variety of.

Just as distressing will be the discovery that your spouse finds you a stranger and has begun to confront you with a list of your serious shortcomings. Our differences in culture caused some conflicts at the beginning of our marriage.

Interracial dating and christianity

We knew we were the same in Christ, but culturally we were so different. It became increasingly difficult to relate. Like many newlyweds, we had much to work through, with the added fear that as I became one with my husband I would lose a major part of who I was as a black female. The solution was simple. We needed to become more gospel-centered. The gospel breaks down barriers because in salvation there is no distinction between people of different races, backgrounds, and ethnicities Romans God created my husband and me equally and God saved us by the same grace Ephesians Our first order of business was to see each other not in light of what we needed from each other, but rather as God viewed us—as redeemed children.

As we began to see each other as covered with Christ's righteousness and beloved, the cultural differences became less important. What was important was whether we were glorifying God in our marriage through our relating to one another.

By the grace of God, our marriage did not remain in an uncertain state. We found the secret to marriage—the gospel.

As the Kellers explain, "The gospel of Jesus and marriage explain one another … When God invented marriage, he already had the saving work of Jesus in mind … The reason that marriage is so painful and yet wonderful is because it is a reflection of the gospel, which is painful and wonderful at once. No, we have not assimilated into each other. I am no more white than he is black.

Instead, we appreciate aspects about each other that are different. We do not necessarily enjoy everything together.

What does the Bible say about interracial dating and marriage?

He won't be making up dance routines to music, and I'm never really going to be able to make Yorkshire pudding like his mum. But what we've learned to do is enjoy God's creativity in making us unique by learning about each other's cultures and embracing our differences. One very practical way we celebrate our diversity together is through worship and music.

Read about Christian dating and get advice, help and resources on Christian My concern about interracial marriages is really part of a larger. Interracial Christian Dating. likes · 42 talking about this. May God bless us with a man or woman our heart desires, I pray that we stay humble. Some people insist that the Bible meant for the races to remain pure, therefore prohibiting any kind of interracial marriage. Usually two biblical texts are drawn.

We like to have dance parties in our home. We play various styles of worship music and sing and worship together. Or we put on different listening music and dance around. We have a blast enjoying our various styles of worship and listening and at the same time exposing our children to both.

We've also discovered that we are quite the same. What I mean is, because of the gospel, our differences don't separate us. Rather, they bring us together.

We are a unified front in declaring the gospel to our children. We are united in service to our church. We are united in being each other's best friend. And of course we enjoy activities together, united in love and united in Christ—such as long drives, building traditions in our home, visits to our city square, praying and sharing our hearts' desires.

When engaging the topic of interracial dating, we must recognize that no ethnicity is monolithic. Therefore, we are called to get to know. We get a surprising number of questions on interracial marriage I are both believers in Christ and have been dating for almost 18 months. That said, here's the truth: a decision to marry outside one's race or ethnicity should not be entered into lightly. Interracial couples must face struggles that others.

We enjoy each other to the fullest extent that marriage intends. As much as we may be different from married couples who are not interracial, we are truly the same. We are learning to lay down our lives, die to ourselves, love each other, learn from each other, and build each other up. We celebrate the joys of deep intimacy. We are learning to overcome sin and bear with one another. Our relationship may look different from the outside, but on the inside God's Spirit dwells within us; therefore, we are very much the same.

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