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Back Off, She's Mine, an ouran high school host club fanfic . FanFiction

Tamaki and Kyoya's Bromance

Sorry probably very out of character, this is my second fanfic so please, please, please review, it will be a great help. I do not own anything about Ouran. It was a nice summery afternoon. Tamaki and Kyoya were awaiting the arrival of the other members, Mori and Hunny were in university but their term finished earlier than Ouran's so they were visiting the host club. The twins arrived last with news,. At this Tamaki screamed, Hunny and Mori just turned to each other and started discussing what might have happened and how it was very unlike Haruhi; the twins sat on the sofa nearest Kyoya who was now on the phone to Ranka. In the car it was silent.

She made a small squeaking sound as it snapped out of place.

Setting Up Haruhi and Tamaki (Ouran Cosplay)

The sound of her sobbing made Hikaru grab a hold of his self. He pulled away from Haruhi who weakly slumped on the floor, crying like a baby.

I didn't mean to I'm sorry. Please, stop crying. The looks on her face was no mistaking absolute terror. He also noticed the blood on her lip which made him groaned. After a few minutes, she heard the door closed. That was so close it terrified the hell out of her. I'm pro-Tamaki but I suddenly found myself typing a story about Kyouya! Sorry Tamaki Now, stop growing mushroom in my room!

Story Story Writer Forum Community. But only the idiots wouldn't know Support the mangaka by buying her works. Chapter 1: Please! She missed him already even though it only had been 3 days since he left. He doesn't need another person to look after. He loves his cakes more than anything, so he's out of the list.

The twins? Hmm, they're a bit odd but I know they're just plain devils. She was thinking so much she groaned in frustration. He chuckled at her expression. He thought it didn't matter to her. He looked at her expectantly. He sent her home with Tachibana. Turning it upside down? She shook her head, 'nothing much. Is it PMS? Haruhi reached the door when she heard Kaoru said, 'Ah, Kyouya-senpai, how's France? Kaoru continued to talk to Kyouya while Hikaru noted that she didn't leave the room.

She stood still, wondering why Kyouya didn't call her instead. She smacked her forehead.

It was odd for the host club to not know many facts. On the inside Kyoya was very angry and worried; He and Haruhi had been secretly dating;. Kyouya & Haruhi had been together since the Ouran Fair. They got into this crazy secret relationship after the Ouran Fair, almost a year ago. Did anyone ever notice the secret looks that Haruhi and Mori gave each Kyoya were the only ones that knew Haruhi and Mori were dating.

Your voice seems a little off,' he inquired. I just Did the twin do something to you? Someone opened the door to the music room. He jerked his head to Haruhi's voice. They put the clothes back together. They stood in awkward silence for a while. Hikaru sighed, 'Maybe I am.

I just couldn't bear the idea of you dating him She didn't know how to reject him but she didn't want to make his hopes high too.

Haruhi opened her mouth to protest but Hikaru beat her to it.

But Hikaru had other plans. You're going to be mine, Haruhi,' he said menacingly. Someone, help me Just leave me alone I hope you like it. C: Sorry if I made Hikaru the bad guy! When She's Acting Strange 3. Spit It Out, Haruhi 4. Homework Overload 5. We're caught in Action! The Hero Strikes Again 7.

Please Take Care of Me 8. Feed Me 9.

Down With Fever Beach Escape You Are So Pushy! Confirmation Let's Talk Realization What The Hell! The Runaways I See The Lights Sneaky Against Family Rule As the Father Official Couple?

Tied Up and Beach Again? Please don't flame me if it's utterly awful, because I don't know much about… you know… anime stuff.

So… yeah. But constructive criticism, or stuff like, actually, they wouldn't say "chan," it'd be "kun," or something like that would be much appreciated.

This was the first challenge of the 24 Hour Challenge between me and silverlastsforever. Basically we come up with a prompt or topic, and we have 24 hours to write it, or at least, until midnight.

The prompt for this was: Kyoya-centric fic. Minimum words, coffee must be involved.

Anyway, enjoy. I took a seat next to her as she handed me a drink. Instant coffee, the new "it," drink of the Host Club. I took a drink, then cupped my hands around the china. Got anything on your mind? We have a few extra days off of school this weekend. I was wondering if you would like to spend some time with me on Saturday. Away from the host club. I was wondering if you would like to spend some time with just me.

I delivered my entire speech looking at the opposite wall. Her doe eyes, trained on me, widened a little. I looked at her. If that's what you'd like. I arrived at her house at 11, like I had told her I would.

Haruhi and kyoya secretly dating fanfiction

I had always been one for promptness, always taking care of Tamaki and making sure he was on time for everything. Her father answered the door and gave me a winning smile.

He approved of me, of course, not of the boss, but I had made sure that he had known who I was from almost the very beginning.

He bombarded me with questions as he ushered me in and offered me a seat. A few minutes later, Haruhi walked into the kitchen. Haruhi looked… lovely. She was wearing a pink frilly dress, more than likely bought for her by her father.

She had silver clips in her hair. She smiled at me. Then we could go for a walk. Does that sound alright? You know, I'm glad you asked me to spend time with you today, Kyoya. You always seem so serious at school. It's nice to be around you when you're relaxed. I took her to one of my favorite restaurants, nice but not overly fancy.

It was a long lunch, a nice lunch.

The lunch lasted so long because it took so long before we actually got around to eating our food. We talked, about all manner of things, except the host club. She thanked me for lunch when we had finished eating, and then we went for a walk. It was a nice day; very sunny out, and we wandered around the square where the restaurant was.

She smiled when she looked up at me. I didn't think you seemed all that interested in me, and I didn't think Tamaki would be too happy with it.

Haruhi is a relationship with Kyouya, Kyouya is in a relationship with It's a secret relationship, that is full of heartache, love and fun times. .. "Kyouya and Takashi are dating as well," she spoke, rubbing her neck and smiling. Haruhi has always been the twins' "toy", but what happens when they She and Kyoya had been secretly dating for a couple of months now. When Kyoya and Haruhi start secretly dating, some complications arise. Like Tamaki finding out. Or Kyoya's father arranging a marriage with.

But I've been interested in you for quite a while, and instead of making a fool of myself like the other three do, I thought I would ask you on a date an see what happens. She laced her arm through the crook of mine, a movement which left me taken aback.

Haruhi wasn't an overly physical person. She wasn't afraid of contact, no, but she didn't use physicality to display her feelings. I didn't have much time to spend with Haruhi. She was in the year under mine, and Tamaki and Hikaru and Kaoru liked to monopolize her time.

But when we didn't have any girls to entertain, or when it was just us hosts in Music Room 3, I would sit with her and talk, and share a cup of coffee. We had gone on a few dates after the original one. I was drawn to her. I wouldn't admit it to anyone but her, but I liked her. I started courting her. Unfortunately, Hikaru and Kaoru were more observant that I gave them credit for. I found myself followed by them, being badgered with questions, asking where I went in my free time, and what I did on weekends.

What's up with that? I saw the twins saunter over to me. The wedged themselves in between Haruhi and myself. I saw her roll her eyes at them.

Kyouya is not a jealous person, but he comes close to it when Haruhi Kyouya and Haruhi had been secretly dating for a period of time now. Kyoya and Haruhi were laughing and giggling together, something was Haruhi and Kyoya had been dating secretly for # months but a week. Kyoya and Haruhi have a secret relationship! First chapter, i am . She began dating Kyoya, and then moved in with him. Every one still thinks.

Hikaru threw his arm around me, and Kaoru threw his around Haruhi. Every time we ask you what you're doing in your free time, or over the weekend, you say you're busy. And now you're always hanging out with each other.

What's up? People would think something's going on. Soon you might start calling him 'Kyoya-kun.

Kyoya and Haruhi have been dating in secret since the beach house. Now after the Ouran Fair the two face a new problem as keeping their.

Tamaki practically flew over to us, coming out of nowhere like Renge from the floor and shoved his face in ours. You're not that informal with me, Haruhi! Why are you closer to Kyoya than your own father? Tamaki's face fell, and he receded into his emo corner. It's not exactly your place to give permission," I attempted to walk away from him, but he followed me.

She marched over to Tamaki, "you're not my dad, and it's not your business who I date. This is exactly why we didn't tell you!

That night when I returned home, my father called me into his office. I wasn't sure why. I arrived outside his office and he called me in. I have arranged a marriage between you and a woman I think will be very suitable for you. I have seriously considered this, and I have made my decision. That is all," he finished with a tone that indicated that he was through talking to me.

I had heard that tone before. I practically ran to my room. Pounding the keys on my phone, I hoped that Haruhi answered the phone quickly.

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