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6 things you discover when you date an older woman

Problems dating older women @Hodgetwins

Dating an older woman can have its ups and downs. For the most part dating an older woman is a positive experience. Age, experience, and stability fall down on the plus side of dating an older woman. However, older women often have other responsibilities such as children or elderly parents to care for. If you are looking at dating an older woman, carefully examine the pros and cons before you embark on a relationship. Most men target women who are younger than they are.

If you do not want kids or you are satisfied where you stand now as a family, then this is not a big deal. However, along with menopause can come anxiety, depression and fluctuating mood swings.

Older women may have more time for you than a younger woman. Older women may be retired or on their way to retirement.

They also may have children who are grown and off on their own. Most of them are done with the pressures of school.

Having these obstacles out of the way allow an older woman to spend more time with you. Also, much of the time she spends with you may be relaxed and worry free.

An older woman also has life experience behind her.

I'm in a relationship with a year-old woman and I am What are some pros and cons about being in a relationship with an older woman?.

She has probably dated before, maybe even married before and knows what to expect. An older woman is likely to have less drama than a younger mate. Older woman often come with what many might consider baggage. If an older woman has been focused on raising a family she may not have a huge bank account and might be looking to you for help.

This is added pressure you may not be able to take on. Just accept that it happened and move on. If you wake up one morning and want to jet to St Tropez or take legal highs in Amsterdam, it's trickier if there is a high-powered job or kids waiting somewhere for your girlfriend.

Pecking orders become more definite as you get older, so don't be too surprised if you discover you're quite far down the list. Seriously, don't knock it. How do you get better at the violin? You practise.

Similarly, no one is a natural when it comes to the boudoir - you get the hang of things, relax into it, learn new techniques, have your eyes opened to exotic ideas. It's not just sexy time either - experience tells you what sort of present might be appreciated on your birthday; or when it's good to take time apart; or where the best place is for a three-day European mini-break. Look, there's no two ways about it: spending the evening on Diet Coke in the pub is all well and good, but it's not quite like a first-class flight to Istanbul to stay in a converted monastery with your own hot tub.

As we get older we usually get richer and can afford more exciting experiences and a more carefree time. Spending the evening obsessing over whose turn it is to pay for the pizza and if your credit card will be cut up by the waiter just puts a dampener on the hours together. Insecurity breeds anger. Okay, that sounds a bit Yoda, but the point is that older women tend to be more secure in their lives and are, therefore, more direct about what they want and how. Letting someone else take charge of some of your plans is a weight off your shoulders - there's no need to stress about what restaurant to go to or new experience to try on Friday night because it's her turn to arrange it all.

They have this knack of analyzing and tackling problems in a very mature and elegant way. Apart from all this, they enjoy physical intimacy, and are always game for a good cuddle.

Pros & Cons of Dating Older Women

Older women are very sophisticated and classy. Their tastes are refined, yet simple.

Gareth Rubin on the pros and cons of going out with a cougar. In the modern world, the situation of older men dating younger women does not bother anyone. However, when a young guy chooses a woman. Interested in dating older women? Here are the pros & cons.

They love spending quality time with their boyfriends, and even an impromptu stroll in the park makes them happy. They are spontaneous, and are game for trying out new things and exploring new places taking her out for romantic getaways will earn you some extra brownie points. One thing that is very noticeable with older women, is that they are oozing with confidence and class. They love to be wined and dined at classy and romantic restaurants.

If you choose to date older women than younger girls, then it could either be your personal taste, or you have other agenda in mind. Either way. Hope this helped you in some way, please comment below if you have experience dating older women and what are the pros and cons. Dear Jack,. Of course you can date an older woman! But there are realities that attend to such decisions. There are pros and cons. Here are the pros: An older.

The conversations you have with them are on a different level altogether. They will never indulge in mindless gossip with you, nor will they bore you about how their nail broke, or some other mundane issue like that. Even the conversations you have will always be intelligent. They will talk to you about topics that are interesting, where even you can put in your knowledge and experiences.

You will never feel as if your girlfriend is showing off with her knowledge, because, she will, in a very subtle and classy way, put forth her points.

The Cons. Just like how every good thing has a flip side, even a relationship with an older woman has its own drawbacks. Even though you get all the space you want in your relationship, some women are not so accommodating. Because of your age difference, she may feel insecure of the fact that younger women may catch your interest, and you might eventually leave her for one of them.

Dating an older woman pros and cons

This aspect will make your woman a little possessive. We really can't help it, but women are very territorial. Apart from being territorial, the most cliched con about dating an older woman is the fact that she has some issues about her past, the same mysterious past that she may or may not keep all mum about. There might be an ex-husband, a child or two, or worst-case scenario, a throng of no good ex-boyfriends.

All these factors do play an important role in what and how she is today. Due to the pent up emotional baggage and stressshe may be grumpy, cranky, and sometimes plain old mean, and it may get too much for a man to handle.

But with love, care, and probably a nice romantic picnic under the stars, you will be able to turn her bad mood into a great one. Show her that she is important, and it is guaranteed to bring you superb results.

So, you have the emotional baggage and stress sorted out for you, but then comes this biological clockwhich only women can feel ticking.

What's The Best Way To Date Older Women?

It's not a real clock that you can keep on your nightstand, but it's a woman's internal aging processand every day brings her closer to D-day. See, the thing with women is that, they are naturally born caregivers, and they know this.

Nevertheless, before getting into such a relationship, every man should weigh the pros and cons of dating an older woman. Dating an older woman can have its ups and downs. For the most part dating an older woman is a positive experience. Age, experience, and stability fall down. In male-female relationships and dating, while many men just want to marry women who are younger than them, some choose older ones for.

That is why, once they feel that they are prepared to have a child, they want to go ahead and have one.

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