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90210 3x01 All Liam and Annie scenes (including their first kiss)

It premiered on September 13, and was met with generally positive reviews from critics. The season picks up at the end of summer and focuses on the students senior year of high school. It follows Adrianna's rise to fame, a new relationship between Silver and Navid and a confused Teddy who decides to reveal to his family and friends he is gay. It also deals with the aftermath of Naomi Clark 's assault. The season premiered to 1.

Harry, overhearing this, grounds Annie on the spot. When Debbie disagrees, Harry admonishes her for being soft and says that sometimes the kids need a parent more than a friend. Seeing his grief is more than she can bear, so she apologizes to him for his loss.

Reaching out, Jasper asks Annie to go for a ride together. The two wind up stargazing on the dashboard of his car. Annie seems hesitant, but Jasper explains it was a place his uncle used to take him, and because of the guilt she is still feeling she agrees to go along.

She cancels their movie plans and tries to avoid Jasper at school. Annie thanks the jock for the tip, and he asks her to hang out. But neither notice Jasper lurking in the shadows watching Annie slip into the car with him. Mark takes Annie to a rooftop picnic. But things go from romantic to creepy when Mark starts to put the moves on Annie. Luckily, Jasper shows up in time to pull him off. He wants her to star in his movie as well and Annie happily accepts. Annie continues to date Jasper, that is until Navid reveals that he has a credible source, that says Jasper is a drug dealer.

She then mistakenly blurts out the question and Jasper loses it! He tells Annie that he never questioned her when everyone thought she was a slut and can't believe she would question him. Jasper declares their relationship is over and leaves Annie in downtown LA, alone. Jasper accepts Annie's apology and demands that she never doubts him again.

Annie agrees. Later, Jasper gets a text and he tells Annie that he will be right back and that he has to get some equipment from his car.

When he gets there, Jasper pulls out some pills revealing that he is in fact a drug dealer. Annie squeals in joy when Jasper reveals that he arranged an audition for her through his dad. While Jasper helps Annie practice her lines she tells him that she loves him, only for him not to reply back. But to Annie surprise Jasper tells her that he loves her too, he had just wanted to say it first. The next day, Annie is informed that she didn't get the role and is distraught over it.

Jasper optimistically tells Annie that her day will come and that she will be "big" one day. Annie then realizes that she wants her first time to be with Jasper. Debbie and Harry ask reluctantly what brings "rosie" Annie back and she tells them about Jasper, and ask if he can come to dinner.

They happily accept and Annie runs upstairs to tell Jasper, who spent the night. While prepping for dinner with Jasper, Dixon comes out with an attitude being brash and rude towards Annie. When she tries to ask him what his deal is, he claims that he doesn't want "weirdo Jasper" hanging around. Dixon gets pissed and reveals what Navid told him about Jasper being a drug dealer. This stuns Harry and Debbie, but they don't have time to react cause Jasper is at the door.

Debbie and Harry attempt to pry at Jasper's social life, which causes Annie to blow a gasket and she loses her mind and snaps at how ignorant the students of West Beverly are.

Annie Wilson is a principal character on CW teen soap She is During a double date with Naomi, Liam and his cousin, Liam privately asked Annie out. Annie is really starting to enjoy Jasper's company and asks him to go to a movie.

While Debbie and Harry are unsuccessful at calming her down, Jasper is, but in a way that clearly shows Debbie and Harry that Jasper has a hold on Annie's mind so tight that he has strangled any sense from it.

While Debbie and Harry go set the plates, Jasper senses the discomfort from her parents and she says that it may have something to do with the drug dealer rumor.

Instead of letting the rumor slide, Jasper creepily reassures the Wilson's that he is not a drug dealer, just someone who loves Annie a lot.

She immediately reports to Jasper what happened and he tells her what's done is done and she should just relax. But he angrily throws his phone across the room in a fit of rage. Annie tells Jasper about Navid's condition, but Jasper is so on edge that he snaps at her to get to the point of whether or not Navid remembers anything. She tells him that she doesn't know and he walks off.

Later that night after Annie back-talks her parents, they ground her. The next day she whines about not being able to go to a chemistry study group due to her constraints. Debbie offers to drive Annie, but Annie who claims she will find another way home. After Debbie drives off, Jasper pulls up and the two go to the beach. Debbie finds Annie's chemistry book while washing clothes and she confronts Annie about her lies, but Dixon strolls in and says that he misplaced his chemistry book, saving Annie.

He then reveals to Annie who slept with Liam and the two bond over the revelation. The school is abuzz with the Winter Wonderland dance being around the corner. But Annie's over the whole dance thing and tells Jasper that her love for dressing up is a thing of the past. Then Liam pulls Annie to the side to apologize to her about the crap he caused, but Jasper shows up wanting to know what's going on.

But Jasper doesn't like to hear that Annie has free will and reminds her of all the bad things the cool kids did to her. Annie still says she kind of misses it all and then Jasper asks her to the dance.

Annie of course doesn't buy it. It takes Adrianna who over heard the intervention to come clean and says that Jasper is no "Prince Charming" and that she is willing to testify to prove it. Annie's mind is blown and she tears up and declares that she needs some time to herself. At the end of the night Annie confronts Jasper about what she's heard.

He denies it at first, but he comes clean when Annie demands the truth. She also gets him to stop lying about not pushing over Navid. He tells Annie that he is sorry and Annie says she is sick of all the lies and demands for them to stop. Jasper said that he made mistakes and she made some, too. When Annie asks what the hell does that mean, Jasper declares that while he "accidentally" pushed Navid down the stairs, Annie accidentally ran over his uncle.

Silver and Naomi take notice of Annie's prison term and confront her about it. She tells them to get lost, which prompts Naomi to tell Dixon about it.

So Jasper thinks that it would be best if they went back to the way they were and by doing that she should stop by his house tonight. When she gets there Jasper tries to force her into having sex with the jail being the alternative but Annie says that if she has to have sex with him then she would rather do jail time.

Jasper lets Annie go after she says he has nothing on her concretebut the next day he comes up with photos of Annie's bumper and Annie has had enough. She is ready to confess to get away from this impish leech of a bastard. The next day she struggles to write her letter of confession to her parents, Jasper appears crying that she wins and rescinds holding the accident over her, but he asks for her to come back to him. Dixon finds out that his and Annie's car are missing and later turn up stripped down to the frame in downtown LA.

As Annie has a girls' night out with Silver and Naomi, she immediately spots Jasper two tables from them. She tells her friends that they need to go and now they are in on the fact that Jasper is a stalker.

The next day, Jasper approaches Annie and she rebukes him for stalking her. He claims that he is only trying to help her and when Annie asks what the hell is he talking about, Jasper reveals that it was he who stole the car. He goes on to say that it was the only piece of evidence linking Annie to the accident and that he is only looking out for her.

90210 annie and liam start dating

Annie is still being stalked by Jasper, but she starts to ignore him. Later Annie gets a call from Jasper, who says that life sucks for him if he can't have her, then she won't have to worry about him anymore. Annie tries to stop Jasper from killing himself. But when she finally makes it to the Hollywood Sign, Jasper cries about how it all doesn't matter anymore now that Annie doesn't love him.

Annie tries unsuccessfully to talk him down, but after Annie doesn't say what he wants her to say, Jasper leaps from the sign. Annie meets Jasper's parents at the hospital and they are shocked to find out from Annie that their son tried to kill himself. They tell Annie to go home and let them take care of him. Annie asks for them to let her know if Jasper makes it. Jasper has one final wish: he wants to see Annie before his parents ship him off, Annie pays Jasper a visit and he claims that the only reason she came was to make sure her secret was kept.

Annie responds that is not the case and despite not wanting to be with him, she does want him to be okay.

Jasper claims that everything he did, he did it for her, because he loves her and that what they had was real. Annie corrects him by revealing that their relationship was built on lies, not love. Annie feels good after Jasper is long gone and wants to get a new ride.

Annie and Liam

So the girls come back and ham it up a little and manage to get a poor salesman to relent to their pleas. But Annie wants to drive down the road where her hit-and-run accident went down and she has a flashback, which cripples her from driving any further and Silver takes the wheel.

Later, Annie has a nightmare of a picture of Jasper's uncle becoming the wallpaper to her room. The next day at school Annie talks guilt with Naomi and how when you are ready to tell the world your sin, things get worse. Liam goes to make up with his girlfriend, but his thoughts are all on Annie, which doesn't help when Annie could possibly have feelings for him as well. Harry and Debbie continue fighting and Annie comes in and finally confronts them.

After Debbie and Harry leave for counseling Annie attempts to talk to Dixon, but he declines and instead talks with Ivy about his problems. After discussing a school project with Liam, Annie stops by her locker to retrieve her stuff.

When she closes it, Annie nearly jumps out her seat when she sees that Jasper is standing right behind her. The two catch up, but Jasper only wants to apologize and explain his actions to Annie and how he was wrong. He asks for her friendship and her forgiveness, but Annie can only give him the latter because of their history.

Annie steps in and calls Mark a crude bastard. Jasper thanks Annie, but says she didn't have to do it.

Annie claims that she did, but Jasper pretty much says that they are even as she has forgiven him and he has forgiven her. Annie brushes it off and has Liam do a task on her laptop. But Liam accidentally pulls up the confession letter that Annie wrote for her friends and family while she was being blackmailed, though Liam is doesn't get a chance to read it. He tells her about the theft and about his mom and invites Annie onto his boat's first ride into the sea before his stepfather returns and probably sends him off for good.

Once they get back and dock at the pier, Annie confesses about what she did last summer and how she felt that she should come clean about it, especially to her parents. Liam takes Annie home and leaves before Annie makes her confession to Debbie and Harry. Debbie overreacts, thinking that Annie is high, and starts talking about rehab. Annie is still insecure about being in high school and dating a college guy. Annie and Charlie have a heart-to-heart, where he finally tells her that his weird back scar is from his uncle who was a mean drunk and used to beat him.

Annie and Dixon decide that their mom needs to get back into the dating world, so they set up a profile for Debbie on an internet dating site. Dixon and Annie offer to screen candidates for her. Liam ends up in the hospital on Christmas after being thrashed and barely alive. In the end they decide to allow Liam to stay with them. Charlie drops by to show some brotherly love, but Liam isn't having it. While Liam is asleep, Annie curiously stares at him.

Annie and Liam are reveling in their rekindled romance, but Annie claims she needs some space to sort things out. Emily tells Annie that she belongs with Liam and she should go after him.

Emily begins to manipulate Annie to gain her trust and then she turns the tables by conveniently not waking her up for the sweat lodge bonding time. Annie gets to audition for a play until Emily shows up, breaking to her the news that she saw Mr. Mathews and Debbie making out on the back porch. Naturally, Annie is so distracted she blows the audition.

Emily is becoming the new Annie; she has the lead in the play and making everyone believe that Annie is the mean one. She crosses a line when she begins to flirt with Liam. Of course, Annie plays right into this when Liam asks her about it later and she gets mad at him for talking to Emily. Annie has gotten fired from her internship after Emily framed her for trashing her dressing room and temporarily suspended from school for jumping Emily in the cafeteria.

Annie and Liam secretly work together to expose Emily for the person that she truly is. As a result, Emily decides to leave town. For Spring Break the gang takes a trip to Mexico where Annie and Liam spend quality time together to take in the scenery until an accident confines Annie to their hotel room. In an attempt to help Marla organize her life, Annie notices some strange behavior from her and hidden brochures on assisted suicide.

Annie stumbled on Marla's assisted suicide informational pamphlets, and instead of letting it go decides to confront her new employer. Marla passes it off as research, though she also opens up to Annie about her struggle with Alzheimer's. Annie convinces Marla to attend a screening of one of her old movies, which shows her that she still has fans.

Though it's not enough to stop Marla from taking drastic action that Annie comes across the following day though it is implied that Marla had gone through with her plans. Marla had left her entire estate to Annie, even after it was revealed that the actress has a daughter.

Liam decides to wait before graduation to inform Annie that he's just not that into the future she's planned for them in Pittsburgh.

annie-and-liam-start-dating: annie and liam start dating. However, while we're aware isn't the work of geniuses, we're not - Annie, guilty about her hit and run, starts dating weirdo outcast Jasper, who sells -Liam enlists Dixon, Teddy, and Ivy to get revenge on Jen for being evil, who loses. The second season of , an American television series, premiered in the U.S. on season, Title, Directed by, Written by, Original air date, U.S. viewers Dixon also continues to be skeptic with both Liam and Annie's claims not to have .

Instead, he wants to blow off college and work on a fishing boat that's leaving immediately. Suddenly Liam is back from the high seas and wastes no time committing to Annie by slapping a ring on the hood of her car but Annie turns him down.

Meanwhile Marla's family decides to contest her will, which means Annie has to defer for a semester from Carnegie Mellon. Then in Javianna here's what happens; Without her credit cards, Naomi is too distracted to realize Liam is in need of support to deal with the departure of his father, so he turns to Annie for comfort. Finally in the finaleAnnie and Liam test out the waters with his new boat, where they share their darkest secrets. After, Liam walks Annie to the door and comforts her before she tells her parents.

In the very first episode, Liam ends up taking Annie to her interview, and when she comes back to tell him, they kiss for the first time. After a long passionate kiss, she stops it and explains, "Friends don't date friends' ex-boyfriends! Liam tries to show Annie that he has changed, and even moves in with the Wilson's to be close to her. Liam gets badly beaten up, and Annie decides to take care of him.

One night he reveals to Annie he is still in love with her, and they kiss and have sex. Annie then tells him she is happy but confused and needs time to clear her head. Liam and Charlie talk and Liam tells Annie not to break up with Charlie because he is happy. Annie and Charlie break up anyway and she and Liam start again. Annie plans a trip full of adventures and when the couple decide to take a picture with a monkey, it bites Annie and she has to receive rabbis treatment.

Liam tells Annie he feels bad leaving her in the hotel room to go to the pool but she tells him to go. He returns several hours later, much to Annies concern. However it becomes apparent he spent his time away getting all the thing that Annie wanted to do on the trip like bubble bath to replicate the foam party and skinny dipping, sombreros and a Mexican feast.

Annie is annoyed at this, feeling he is giving up her to fish. She later realises she is deeply in love with him and runs to the port before the ship leaves.

She tells him to go figure things out but that she will be waiting for him when he returns. They embrace and kiss before he leaves, leaving Annie sad but relieved. Liam is back and proposes to Annie, but she says no. Annie was pining for him all summer and he didn't think to get into contact with her once, and this hurts her.

He then comes back at Naomi's housewarming college party all dressed up and proclaims, "You are the first, the last, and the only woman I ever loved," and proposes again but she still says no, leaving Liam feeling extremely rejected. He then gets drunk and goes on a bender and buys a bar.

Annie asks Liam for a favor about using the bar as a venue for her sorority and ended up telling him to maybe one day they can try again. She discovers that he is with another woman, Jane, whom Liam met in Alaska and Annie leaves heartbroken saying that only half-a-week ago he said that he loved her and asked to marry her twice, and he then reveals that he met Jane on the fishing boat. Jane turns out to be the wife of a man who died on the fault, and Liam felt the death was his fault, so Jane was his responsibility.

Fanpop original article: Liam & Annie's entire story in Season 2! The pair instantly starts to laugh and bond until they pull up to a stop sign and notices Liam's step father . Season 4 Episode 1 - Liam's 2nd Proposal - Rejected. The third season of , an American television series, premiered on Monday September 13 season, Title, Directed by, Written by, Original air date, U.S. viewers (millions) Elsewhere, Annie and Liam confront their feelings for each other. Liam & Annie is a relationship on , portrayed by Matt Lanter and Shenae Grimes. They end things on OK terms and continue to date other people. In the fifth season . Annie and Charlie break up anyway and she and Liam start again.

Annie becomes even more betrayed saying that in the three months she was heartbroken and missing Liam, he was sleeping with some other girl.

Liam and Annie remain friends after their breakup but they are quite distant till episode 10 Smoked Turkeywhen Annie consoles Liam after his Thanksgiving fails. After Jane's relationship with Liam ends because her husband turns out to be alive, Liam and Annie almost reconcile during the holidays.

Annie becomes an escort during this series to pay fro her expense. Liam finds out Annie was an escort to pay for Dixon's rehab and jumps on his motor cycle to go and find her. In the meantime, she calls him to tell him she still has feelings for him but he gets hit by a car. Annie leaves for Paris oblivious to the accident, feeling rejected. When she comes back and explains what happened she finds out he has connected with Vanessa, the woman who hit him though he is unaware of thisleaving her heartbroken once again.

Vanessa turns out to be a con artist and a psycho, Liam discovers this and kicks her out. He assumes she was washed away by the waves and decides against reporting it. In 99 Problems a female cop named Ashley Howard is appointed by his studio to protect Liam. Liam arrives at the Bowl with his bodyguard. When Annie wakes up in the hospital bed with Liam standing over her. She lved in Kansas, was engaged to her high school boyfriend, her parents were still divorced, and Dixon had moved to LA to pursue his rap career and had become estranged.

She goes looking for him and finds all the other characters. Liam and Teddy are best friends, though Teddy is still gay, yet this is quiet. Annie goes into a further decline when she finds out that the person she ran into, died. Naomi, Silver and Adrianna have formed a bond and spend their last few days of the summer vacation at the Beverly Hills Beach Club.

There, Adrianna runs into Teddy Montgomery, her ex-boyfriend and a tennis pro who is a new student at West Beverly. Dixon and Silver also decide to get back together, but when Dixon finds out that Ethan kissed Silver before he went away, Dixon naturally does not take it well decides to break up with Silver for good.

Meanwhile, Annie gets drunk with senior Mark Driscoll and fools around with him topless in Navid's cabana, which was supposed to be for him and Adrianna, but Adrianna decides to wait, not wanting to rush things. On the first day of school, Mark shows his friends a naked picture he took of Annie, which Naomi gets her hands on.

Following the last episode, Naomi does her best to make Annie's life the worst it could be by sending the nude photo of her to everyone. Soon Annie is forced to lie and say she slept with Liam, which causes more distance between her and Dixon, along with their parents. Silver also decides she will try to win Dixon back. Meanwhile, Ryan starts to wonder if his relationship with Jen is the right thing for him.

Liam returns to West Beverly and tries to apologize to Naomi for being unfaithful. While Liam denies sleeping with Annie that night, he still refuses to tell Naomi who he did have sex with after he sees Jen at Naomi's side.

Later, Jen gets Liam into trouble by telling his mother and stepfather a fabricated story about him stalking Naomi in order to keep him way from her. Liam then joins the school surf team with Dixon to take out his frustration of the problems he's facing.

Naomi continues not to believe Liam's claims that he did not have sex with Annie. Dixon also continues to be skeptic with both Liam and Annie's claims not to have hooked up. The crafty Jen takes advantage of the friction between Naomi and Annie in order to manipulate Naomi to do what she can to get back at Annie.

Mark Driscoll. Teddy invites most of the gang on his father's yacht for a day cruise to get to know everyone better. Annie does her best to prove it was Naomi who sent out the naked photo of her to the entire school. When her parents try to talk to Annie about her situation, it causes more tension since Annie still does not want to talk about what is bothering her, leading Harry to confide in Kelly about the family's problems. Meanwhile Dixon meets a new girl in a bar, a local DJ named Sasha, but he lies about his age to get to know her, which makes Silver jealous.

Navid begins to doubt about where his relationship with Adrianna is heading. Adrianna begins to show more appreciation to Teddy, while he continues to rebuff Naomi's further attempts at flirtation. Liam, frustrated and disgusted at Annie and Naomi's feud, confines himself to his garage where he begins working on a project. James L. Annie's new and confident mood changes when she finds out that Jasper Herman, the moody and antisocial nephew of the man she hit on prom night, goes to the same school as she does.

Meanwhile, Dixon borrows Navid's car so that he and Sasha can go away for the weekend and continues to lie to her about his real age. On the trip home, a flat tire leads to the discovery of a car trunk full of pornography, belonging to Navid's father, which leads to Dixon telling more lies to Sasha. Navid continues to grow insanely jealous over Adrianna's friendship with Teddy, with whom she confides about her uncertainty with Navid.

Elsewhere, Liam continues to find a way to get revenge on Jen and make her reveal the truth to Naomi about her seducing him that night of the prom party.

He later discovers that Jen scammed a fortune out of her French husband, whom she only married for the money. When Naomi is told she might not get into the university she wants to, she conjures a plan to get accepted by receiving tutoring from the dean's son, Richard.

Naomi soon finds herself drawn to Richard's roommate, Jamie. When Sasha finds out Dixon is still a junior in high school, she breaks up with him only to get back together soon after. When Adrianna and Navid go out on a double date with Teddy and his new girlfriend, it ends with a secret kiss between Adrianna and Teddy. Liz Friedlander. Adrianna breaks up with Navid and turns to Teddy, but realizes she may have made a mistake when Teddy tells her that he does not do relationships.

Meanwhile, Jen continues to use Naomi in any way she can by playing on her emotions and asks Naomi for a large amount of cash so that she can secretly purchase a racehorse. Annie and Jasper become close when he rescues her from a bad situation after Mark tries to force himself upon her. Elsewhere, Kelly and Silver deal with devastating news about their mother dying from cancer. Kelly refuses to associate herself with their mother and her behavior, Silver feels differently and wants to re-bond with Jackie.

Harry, seeking to get away from problems at home with Debbie's anger and jealousy, accompanies Ryan to a bar for some guy time and attempts to be his wing man when Ryan wants to move on from Jen. Miller Tobin. Dixon ends his relationship with Sasha, which she takes very badly, and works on a plan to get him back. More tensions surface between Harry and Debbie over his friendship with Kelly.

Meanwhile, Silver is keen to help her mother through her terminal illness and support her, while Kelly isn't willing to forgive Jackie for what she did to both of them.

90210 3x11 Liam and Annie scenes (Liam and Annie have sex for the first time)

While dealing with schoolwork and caring after school for Jackie, Silver is paired with Teddy for a class project where they find they have more in common when he tells her that his mother too died from cancer.

While the rest of the gang attend a Halloween costume party at the beach club, Annie and Jasper's relationship is put to the test when he attempts to convince her to steal a car while shooting a scene for his student film.

Naomi continues her relationship with Richard, but still continues to flirt with Jamie. Elsewhere, Liam meets and clashes with Ivy Sullivan, an outgoing tomboy and the new member of the school surf team.

Dixon tells his parents about his situation with Sasha, prompting Debbie to investigate it. Meanwhile, Navid and Gia investigate drug use at West Beverly, leading them to Annie's new boyfriend, Jasper, whom they suspect to be a drug dealer, which Jasper openly denies. After Annie privately asks Jasper if the rumors of him being a drug dealer are true, rather than give a straight answer, he suddenly becomes very defensive and angry and threatens to break up with her for not trusting him, leading Annie to believe his claims that he isn't which is similar to Annie's own plight over the false rumors of her seducing Liambut Navid doesn't.

Worried that Adrianna will relapse into drugs, Naomi and Silver enlist Navid's assistance to talk to her, but he is too consumed by his ego and jealousy to care about her anymore. Meanwhile, Liam accompanies Teddy and Ivy when they go out to watch a rock concert. Ryan and Jen also attend the same concert, and Navid receives some dating advice.

When Jen sees Liam at the concert, she tells Ryan another fabricated story about Liam making a pass at her in order to keep him more isolated.

Rick Rosenthal. Teddy helps Jackie organize a surprise half-birthday celebration for Silver. Navid witnesses Adrianna buying drugs from Jasper, forcing him to confront Jasper, who continues to deny that he's a drug dealer, but he also soon threatens Navid to stop investigating him.

Meanwhile, Dixon is determined to speak to Sasha about her miscarriage, forcing Harry and Debbie to reveal that she lied about being pregnant. After getting into a fight on the beach during surf practice, an angry Liam finally confides in Dixon, Teddy, and Ivy about his encounter with Jen and wants to devise a plan to expose Jen for what she really is. Elsewhere, Annie and Jasper profess their love for each other and decide to take their relationship to "the next level".

Annie brings Jasper home for dinner, although it does not go as planned when Dixon tells their parents about Jasper's drug dealing. Dixon, still alienated and upset with his entire foster family, especially with Debbie, spends time with Ivy and Teddy to work on a plan for Liam to reveal the truth to Naomi about Jen.

Navid confronts Adrianna about her renewed drug use, but this time, she rudely tells him off for turning his back on her. Meanwhile, Kelly tries to heals the wounds with her terminally sick mother who is hospitalized with Silver at her bedside. Naomi is forced to reveal her true motivations for getting close to Richard when he and his mother catch her making out with his roommate, Jamie.

Elsewhere, Ryan and Jen go on an overnight camping trip. After an awkward dinner, Debbie and Harry tell Annie to stay away from Jasper because they believe Navid's claim about Jasper being a drug dealer due to Jasper's odd behavior. At the end, Navid is shown being pushed down the stairs at school by Jasper. Harry Sinclair.

Liam, Dixon, and Ivy learn that Naomi and Jen will be attending the races at the Santa Clarita Racetrack to watch the horse that Jen bought with Naomi's money, and the three of them orchestrate a plan to expose Jen to Naomi. Ryan also accompanies Jen and Naomi to the races, and inadvertently learns how Jen acquired the racehorse used to win the race. Meanwhile, Annie and Jasper sneak out to go on a Saturday date even though Harry and Debbie have grounded her.

Navid wakes up in the hospital after his "accident" with no memory of who pushed him down the flight of stairs. Adrianna visits Navid and following her conversation with him, makes a life-changing decision about her addiction to pills. Elsewhere, Silver and Teddy bond over the loss of their mothers and unexpectedly get close to each other.

David Warren. Navid asks Adrianna to tell the principal about Jasper and his drug dealing when Navid becomes certain it was Jasper that pushed him down the stairs. Annie goes to the school's annual Winter Dance with Jasper, where she is later confronted by her former friends about Jasper's drug dealing.

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