Voguish 2-Piece Sofa and Loveseat Set, Chocolate Brown

Voguish 2-Piece Sofa and Loveseat Set, Chocolate Brown


Review Voguish 2-Piece Sofa and Loveseat Set, Chocolate Brown

Don’t you obtain bored using a thing old over again and over again? If you are the one that get bored on people products. We inspire you to use this Voguish 2-Piece Sofa and Loveseat Set, Chocolate Brown. It might be the ideal product for you personally. We ensure that this is the Voguish 2-Piece Sofa and Loveseat Set, Chocolate Brown that certainly not gets bored.

Voguish 2-Piece Sofa and Loveseat Set, Chocolate Brown

Heading towards modern era needs a simple transition from the old design architecture to a contemporary art, this 2 piece sofa set gives a brief of such transition. This 2 piece sofa set comprises one love seat and one sofa, thus provide a wide sitting option to a crown of guests. 2-piece sofa set that features clean and sleek lines. This set features slim foundation of rectangular shapes upholstered in single-paneled cushions with accent tufting adds to its polished decor. The long sphere-shaped accent pillows and short tapered feet makes it a work of art for your living space. Its black fabric finish will give an elegant touch to any interior.-Does not include any product other than one sofa and one love seat.-Loveseat: 57 x 33 x 33H ;-Sofa 72 x 33 x 33H-Includes: One Sofa and One love seat

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