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3-Piece Divani Casa Perry Modern Gray Leather Sofa Set

Best 3-Piece Divani Casa Perry Modern Gray Leather Sofa Set Reviews

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This 3-piece sofa set is sure to be your favorite place to sit! With beautiful leather and adjustable headrests, the 3-Piece Divani Casa Perry Modern Gray Leather Sofa Set will be a lovely addition to your home.Features:-Set Includes: Sofa, Loveseat & Chair-Upholstered In Genuine Leather/Leather Match-Color: Gray-Adjustable Headrests-Stainless Steel LegsDimensions:-Sofa: W82 x D43 x H29/36-Loveseat: W70 x D43 x H29/36-Chair: W47 x D43 x H29/36

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